10. Cut an opening out of each pumpkin for a door and window, and add a ladder or ramp to the opening. I’m so excited to try to though! Natural log drum: We have a couple of these drums in our collection now, and they’ve always been a favorite of ours. With lightly floured hands gently press the pastry into the pie dish, working from the centre outwards, making sure to press the pastry into the edges of the dish and smooth it up and over the sides. #sp-post-carousel-pro-2552 .sp-pcp-post-meta, text-transform: none; Sarah is the co-founder of Chasing Windmills, a sustainable children’s clothing brand who designs the most amazing merino wool children’s apparel and baby essentials. border: 1px solid #aaaaaa; display: block; Some of the flowers lost quite a bit of color in the process, so I searched for a better way to preserve flowers while keeping more of their original vibrancy! color: #8c561d; Bees have two sets of wings (two forewings and two hindwing) but we will be cutting the wings out as a single piece for durability. Rub the butter into the flour until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. }.sp-post-carousel-pro-section2552.pagination-type-number .slick-dots li button:before{ We used a piece of driftwood, but you can use any stick, or even a thick piece of cardboard with sticks glued on top. } It’s made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials, uses water-based coating and is printed with vegetable oil-based inks. […], […] 61. }#sp-post-carousel-pro-2552 a.sp-pcp-read-more{ This helps to cover and add padding to the area where the wire is wrapped around the headband. I cut a strip of thick fleece (leftover from making the stripes) that is the width of the headband to attach on the underside. – soft brush .sp-pcp-modal-post-4832 .sp-pcp-post-meta{ I didn’t include measurements in the instructions since you can easily create them in a size that fits your child. – paint I have not tried a few wire myself. } – pencil and paper 13. 15. E loves changing this daily. Beeswax modelling clay: Our absolute favorite— really easy to work with and great for busy hands and quiet time. I’ll continue to share submissions in my stories on my Instagram account until the end of October. font-weight: 400; Hope that helps! He uses them to make sandwiches, fancy toasts and to set up pretend coffee shop/bakeries. Stamp bugs: A beautiful stamp set that contains an assortment of bug parts, antennae, wings and legs to create favorite insects or invent new ones! Now it is time to line your pie dish. font-style: normal; When deciding how to decorate my seasonal pies I look for inspiration in nature. Our finished wings measure approximately 27.5’ wide at the widest point. She creates all of her animals by hand using sustainable hardwood and non toxic paints at her home in Virginia. We like to think that they are flapping! Secure the leaves by painting a small amount of the egg wash onto the base of each leaf and gently pressing onto the pie top. text-align: left; I guess it would depend on thickness of the flowers? If you make the wings the same size we did, they DO bend in at the joint (where the body is, in the middle). .sp-pcp-modal-post-4832 .sp-pcp-post-meta li a:hover, font-style: normal; line-height: 18px; Sorting tray: If you’re looking for a tray to store a large collection of nature finds, this tray from Grapat is absolutely the one! I hope to pass this love of baking and pastry making on to my five little girls. Wooden play food: E’s play kitchen is probably his most played with toy, so play food always make it on our gift list every year. Add natural materials to your home. color: #aaaaaa; Create a stand for it using two sticks– Lean one stick on the side of the house for support and secure the other side of the stand (the stick that is standing up vertically) to a base using glue or airdry clay. I juuuuust ordered a couple, Nature Craft: DIY Moth Wings Tutorial • RUN WILD MY CHILD, 100 Easy Earth Activities to Delight and Inspire your Kids. The planet earth is really cool and looks like you’re digging through earth’s layers when you mix it. Continue working around your jar, applying mod podge/glue and sticking on the mushrooms in order, trying your best to smooth out any wrinkles. – Sheer paper (parchment paper or tracing paper, approximately 2ft) – hot glue or fabric glue. } 3. } They are sustainably crafted from chemical free rubber wood trees and colored with water based dyes. Divide the dough roughly into two parts, you will need more dough for the base of the pie than for the lid. – Hot glue The nature study category contains a mix of fun and practical tools and educational toys. The wooden tripod is a great addition to the camera and allows you to display the camera when it’s not in use! Each drum is handmade rendered from sustainably harvested wood and rawhide, using ancient drum-making methods. Measure your child and cut two pieces of elastic to use as the straps that will go around their shoulders. I juuuuust ordered a couple, Eco-Friendly and Reusable Gift Wrap Ideas, Holiday Gift Guide: Nature-Inspired Gifts for Children. .sp-post-carousel-pro-section2552.pagination-type-dots .slick-dots li button{ The top opens so it can also function as a basket. Could this be done with laminating pouches and put through a laminator? You can also easily replace the wooden balls with other small items. If you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of a fairy tending to their garden beds! Saved from woodlarkblog.com. Secure two long pieces of the paper-wrapped floral wire around the base of the headband to create the antenna. text-transform: none; .sp-post-carousel-pro-section2552.pagination-type-dots .slick-dots li.slick-active button{ 9. }#sp-post-carousel-pro-2552 .sp-pcp-sticky-text{ DIY and Crafts. The completed length of our finger knitting was about 27 inches. text-align: left; to use. Read more about affiliate links and partnerships here. 1. We’ve been bzzzzzzy working in our garden, so it’s only fitting that we celebrate our pollinator friends the bees by dressing up as one of them! It’s easy to use and has a rounded tip for safety. They’re made out of different hardwoods and no two are the same, so each block is unique. – large pie dish (approximately 10-12” diameter) Hi Joy! As you cut each leaf take your butter knife, and using the back blunt edge gently press veins into each leaf. The letters are a great addition to bug studies and a fun thing to look forward to each month. If you have any cracks or imperfections in the base of your pie, use slightly damp hands to press and seal the cracks so that the filling doesn’t leak. Open to reveal your garland! text-align: left; text-align: left; Gently press around the edges of the pie top using your thumb or fingers to seal the top. Thank you for sharing . I also used the small rounded end to create the spiral on the snail shell. I’m always a fan of gifts that include an activity. } Explore. border-radius: 20px; – Black felt or fleece fabric Paper chains can be hung up as a garland for decoration and painted if desired. Required fields are marked *, Favorite Children’s Books for Nature-Based Learning ». Sprigs of fresh greenery and outdoor furniture made of branches and acorns are also a nice touch! If you wanted to add a wire, you could do that. } } This mushroom house also has a removable lid so that it can be used as a basket. It’s a quaint little community full of fairies, gnomes and woodland creatures and everyone knows their neighbors. My daughter was about 3.5yrs old when we did this project, so we each decorated one wing. #sp-post-carousel-pro-2552 .sp-pcp-post .sp-pcp-post-title:hover, Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted pictures for this project and allowed us to feature your work! We are so happy to share Johanna’s beautiful work on the blog. font-style: normal; Perhaps wrong contact paper? If you do intend to use the paper pattern pieces, ensure you have printed and cut them out before you begin decorating your pie. Now for the fun part! E loves this set and loves to “work” alongside me. Planning on staying with us until nightfall? Let me show you around! I will forever cherish the memories of gathering flowers with my daughter from our garden, decorating the wings after her little brother had gone to bed, and playing butterflies as we frolicked in the field near our home at sunset. Add accents to your house using natural materials such as moss, pinecones, seed pods, preserved mushrooms and sticks. Often, our family will continue to do lantern walks together throughout the winter evenings. #sp-post-carousel-pro-4832 .sp-pcp-post-meta li a.pcpro-post-like.liked, I’m using a hole punch that is 1/16″. } I only recommend products and brands that I truly love. font-family: Kotta One; font-size: 14px; – removable fabric tape, for the wings: Some of our other favorites: over the rainbow, unicorn dream and double dinosaur. They’re handmade in a small shop in Pennsylvania, out of a beautiful natural cherry wood. Now it is time to create your pastry shapes for decorating your pie, using the pattern pieces provided or cutting freehand. It also comes in beautiful earth tones and is reusable. The little tea set is made using California black oak acorns which we collect every year.

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