Savory Herb Seeds - Winter. The flowers are white. Clover Seeds. Height 6-12". It is also grown near to roses to repel aphids. Good for rockeries and edging. Satureja montana. Foliage Plant Seed. Savory Seeds - Summer Savory and Winter Savory Herb Seed. Sow seeds indoors and transplant after 10 weeks after the final frost of the season in full sun. Bushy shrub with dark grey/green leaves producing spikes of purple/pink flowers. A feed every month with general purpose liquid plant food will be enough. Leaves can be stored for a year when dried, and have a strong scent when dried. Perennial growing to 40cm. Deer Food Plot Seed. There are two types of savory, summer and winter but here we’re going to focus on how to grow winter savory herbs.Read on to find out about the care and growing of winter savory and other winter savory plant info. Flower Seeds. All Products. Savory also does well in containers, remember to put a good layer of stones at the bottom for drainage and keep the plant on the dry side. Approximately 700 seeds/pkg. 75000 seeds) Leaves are very aromatic and have a strong peppery flavour commonly used to flavour meats, fish, stews, bean and egg dishes. Winter savory Seeds (Satureja montana)Price for Package of 20 seeds.Winter savory (Satureja montana) is a perennial herb in the family Lamiaceae, native to warm temperate regions of southern Europe and Mediterranean. Start Savory seeds for a wonderful culinary herb that is used for meats and vegetables. 600 seeds) 2g (approx. Start this herb seed indoors and transplant out once frost danger has passed. The leaves are opposite, oval-lanceolate, 1–2 cm long and 5 mm broad. Bee Plant Seed. Winter savory seeds can be planted as a companion plant to beans in order to repel weevils. Set winter savory plants 18 inches apart; summer savory, 6 to 9 inches apart. Browse our summer savory seed and winter savory varieties. 6000 seeds) 25g (approx. While you may have parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme in your herb garden, you may be lacking in savory. Winter Savory Plant Info Can be used in potpourri. 0.2g (approx. Field-trialed for exceptional performance. The flavour of winter savory is a little stronger but can be used in the same recipes as the annual variety including teas, herb butter, vinegar, soups and poultry stuffing. Cover Crop Seed. It is a perenial plant growing to 16 in (41 cm) tall. Winter savory is a perennial woody shrub. Our savory seeds are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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