1960 The first Playboy Club opened in Chicago at 116 E. Walton Street, in downtown Chicago.1960 Agnes Arber died. He was known as the "Prince of Gastronomes,"  a title he was awarded in a public referendum in 1927, and a title no one else has ever been given.1956 Marion trailing blackberry introduced; the most important blackberry cultivar in the world. 1958 Ant Farms go on sale. American celebrity chef, author and culinary traveler. 1942 War time food rationing began in the U.S. 1942 Leon Daudet died. The first commercial canning establishment in the U.S. was started in 1912 by Thomas Kensett. 1956 'Heartbreak Hotel' by Elvis Presley is number 1 on the music charts.1956 Elvis Presley sings 'Heartbreak Hotel' on the 'Milton Berle Show.' A European trained chef, one of the earliest celebrity TV chefs. Krushchev was indignant. Canned pet food became the most popular option on the shelves after Ken-L Ration, the first canned dog food in the United States, was produced in 1922. The commercial pet food industry started in 1860 with James Spratt's invention of the first dog biscuit in England. 1960 Walter D. Teague died on Dec 5 (born Dec 18, 1883). The birth of the frozen food industry.1956 Ice cubes, anyone? These were infant formulas, substitutes for mother's milk. Pesto sauce was invented in 16th century Italy. Turns out some of your favorite foods were invented by complete accident! By 2000 BCE, humans were giving consideration into what to feed their dogs. According to legend, one morning in 1894, Lemuel Benedict, a fashionable Wall Street stock broker, stumbled upon the Waldorf Hotel for breakfast. Can you picture Krushchev cavorting with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse? This delicious combo of mayonnaise and ketchup was first invented at the Arctic Circle fast food chain, and remains Utah’s unofficial state condiment today. If anyone has information, please email me [email protected] 1958 Friskees introduced the first dry cat food1958 Rice-A-Roni goes on sale. This creamy soup is said to have been invented by a French chef, Louis Diat, in 1917.In 1950, Diat was interviewed by the New Yorker and was quoted as saying, “In the summer of 1917, when I had been at the Ritz seven years, I reflected upon the potato and leek soup of my childhood which my mother and grandmother used to make. Gave rough-and-tumble cowboys, miners, cattlemen, trappers, lawmen & homesteaders good food in a civilized setting. 1956 Caesar Cardini died. A versatile food and integral part of Eggs Benedict, the english muffin, also lends its … 250690, Sept 12, 1909).1956 Chen Kenichi was born. She also wrote to her friend Rachel Carson, which prompted Carson to write 'Silent Spring.' 'Cheerioats' sponsored the 'Lone Ranger' radio program beginning in 1941.1941 Chubby Checker (Ernest Evans) was born. I wonder if he had dreams of fencing them in so they would not bother him at picnics?1956 Curnonsky (Maurice Edmond Sailland) died. He was a chemist who invented Bakelite, the first plastic that did not soften when heated. Food historians generally agree that manufactured baby food, as we know it today, was a byproduct of the European Industrial Revolution. • Early 1800s: West African farmers began to export palm oil. TV cooking shows include ‘Ready Steady Cook’, ‘Can't Cook Won't Cook’, ‘Ainsley's Barbeque Bible’, ‘Gourmet Express’. He also wrote Edible Wild Plants of Eastern North America (1943). Examples include in the 1933 decision to prohibit the word “pure” from a brand name in 1933, or establishing a definition for “complete and balanced” pet food in 1969. Organic chemist who researched catalytic organic synthesis. Although McDonald's was the fir… Produced by Vince DeDomenico from an Armenian family recipe. So they lightened him up and added 'Ho, ho, ho' and the lilting 'Good things from the garden' song.1958 Sweet n' Low was introduced as an artificial sweetener (granulated saccharin, dextrose, cream of tartar and calcium silicate).

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