To stop her from taking the baby, Angela (Mary Alice) stabbed Deirdre and buried her under their pool. He says he loves animals, and in the first two seasons, Mike was even shown to have a German Shepard dog named, Bongo. Karl drives away not realizing Susan's towel was caught in the car door, and it falls off of her. Dave later goes to Katherine and tells her that he doesn't have many friends and would like to get to know her better as she has had such a possitive affect on Mike's life, she asks if she really made much of an impact and Dave says that if anything happened to her it would destroy him. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy") Susan finds out that her long-time agent, Lonny Moon, committed fraud and Julie and Mike try to convince her to drop the guy. ("Epiphany"), Susan inherits an expensive piano and wants to rub it in Gaby's face, Mike thinks this is a bad idea, Gaby tells Susan that Carlos gave her money and she had no idea, they decide to play Carlos and Mike and end uo tricking them into confessing, after having a little fun. He tells Dave that he thinks he's falling in love with Katherine and then leaves her a bunch of roses with a message saying "Don't Go", she doesn't but kisses Mike instead. Stranger Things 2 was incredibly awesome but if there's one thing it lacked, it was scenes with Eleven and Mike, and I hope season 3 will rectify that. Mike returns home and tells Susan that he just got off the phone with the police station and that they have security footage of Danny drinking in a parking lot when Julie was attacked, meaning he's innocent. Susan and MJ decide to deal with their anger a little more constructively – by throwing jars of jam at the garage wall. Mike was never supposed to have a mystery. Katherine makes it sound like Susan doesn't know what Mike gets up to and the two argue, Susan calls her a loon. Susan gives Mike a "One-Month Anniversary" card and asks him if he's happy, he tells her that he's never been happier. In the Third Episode, ("Pretty Little Picture"), Susan realizes the dinner Mary Alice had organized for October 16th, 2004 was coming up, and goes to her friends' homes to discuss whether they should still have the dinner. He goes back into the woods to find Susan, he eventually does find her, depressed, under a tree, picks her up and takes her home. Edie visits Mike in the hospital and apologises for not coming to visit so much as she eats his chocolates, she came to get her CD player and as she is leaving, she turns around to say something and realizes that Mike's eyes are open and he has awakened from his coma. The ladies excuse themselves and they both realize that the contest for Mike is on. ("The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues"), Julie returns home from the hospital greeted by friends and family. ("We All Deserve to Die") It is discovered that Julie's attacker is Eddie Orlofsky. Later, Adam announces that he was wrong and that she is not going through menopause, however, she is pregnant, Mike and Susan are very happy. ("The Game") New neighbors arrive on Wisteria Lane, Bob Hunter and his partner, Lee McDermott. Susan and Mike's plans for romance are constantly thwarted as Julie sabotages their plans for a romantic weekend as she is harboring Zach Young in her room. ("The Little Things You Do Together"), Mike returns the engagement ring that he had planned to give to Susan the night of his accident. ("Color and Light") Susan asks Mike if he will be attending her mother's wedding, he tells her he won't and she tries to get him to reconsider. Susan asks Gabrielle to go on a date with Zach to persuade him to pay bail for Mike. Mike Delfino Susan decides to work for the building's website, Va-Va-Va, which shows women in lingerie doing cleaning. ("Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed"), Susan and Mike can't have sex again for six weeks due to her operation. He was then taken in by his paternal grandmother, Edith Ross.At some point, Mike met Trevor Evans, his oldest and best friend. She later calls Katherine to say she approves of the relationship after having a sudden personal realization. It was as simple as that. ("What More Do I Need? ("Let Me Entertain You"), Susan tells Mike about her internet porn but he just balmes himself for the debt he put them in, she then tells him of Paul's blackmail plan and he wants to kill him, Susan stops him but confronts Paul and tells him that his scheme failed. Susan wants to go to a fancy, expensive restaurant and Mike is unsure, she tells him that they are fine to cover it as she has been bringing in some extra money. When Susan goes to pick up MJ from Karen, she notices that the house (and Paul) are in bad shape, she goes to talk to Paul and sympathises with him, Mike isn't happy with this as he hates Paul. Susan is mad at Julie who defends herself. Mike tells Renee of this and she visits Ben and forgives him, she pays off the loan shark. ("Back in Business"), Mike joins an all-guy band with Dave, Tom, Carlos and Orson and they finish practise for the day, Mike goes off to meet a girl as he is trying to get back in the game. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Max and Mike’s relationship drama isn’t the only thing viewers will be talking about during Season 3 of The Following.Although Joe Carroll is in prison and awaiting his execution, he will still be a big part of the new season, which is revamping the series.. Mike is at Julie's party with Susan, Edie and Karl, Mike wants Susan to sing and she agrees, Edie then, when Mike is selecting the song, reveals that she was one of Karl's affairs. Bree confronts Katherine saying that Susan is her oldest frind on the Lane, Katherine argues that Susan is now with Jackson.

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