The saddle fitting simple clamps onto the pipe, and it comes with threading that allows you to attach the tank. sediment is going to constantly get into the lines no matter how hard you try to avoid it. I can recommend this company with complete confidence.- Suzan H. via YelpWe needed a replacement (and fast!). twist it on and test the incoming water pressure. But, functionally, it can be installed anywhere on the cold inlet line. The original gas water heater lasted for 20 yrs ( believe it or not .. lol ) as I’ve always had a Culligan water conditioner running with no probs and water is/was fine . This ultimately protects it from damage. If the water heaters aré within 8 feet of each other and only one water line feeds all water heaters you can get away with one appropriately sized expansion tank to serve all of them. Thanks for that. To be sure, do your due diligence on your particular model of water heater or contact a plumbing expert. When you choose a retail expansion tank, it comes with a “Saddle Fitting.” This allows you to avoid soldering and makes installing an expansion tank simpler for the average person. Rubber Diaphragm Wear Out. However, you can always contract a plumber to perform this particular task. It is designed to handle that excess water that builds up. The changes in pressure inside the expansion tank can bring about the degradation of the water heating system and cause leaks.You will need the following tools to … DIY Solar Water Heater: An Ultimate Guide. When water is heated inside your water heater, it expands. Although the water in your water heater doesn’t reach the boiling point and turn into steam, it does expand when heated up. But this isn’t always possible. When water is heated, it expands due to a phenomenon known as thermal expansion. Why Do You Need a Thermal Expansion Tank? Apart from this, there is also an internal bladder. Do I need expansion tanks on hot side of each water heater? The tank is partially filled with air, whose compressibility cushions shock caused by water hammer and absorbs excess water pressure caused by thermal expansion. Unfortunately, many homes have closed water supply systems, wherein the water supply has a one-way valve. Please help me understand this. It seems to me the system might be big enough to absorb excess pressure, and the expansion tanks I have found seem to be overkill. anything ABOVE 80 psi will damage fixtures and eventually start breaking / damaging water lines. There are some homes that run on an open water supply system, where the water pushes back into the city water supply and there is no additional strain on the home’s plumbing. When your water thermally expands, a water heater expansion tank prevents unwanted increases in pressure. No I can take a shower! Water expands when it is heated and, if it doesn’t have any place to go, this can create a dangerous situation. Most installers place them directly above the hot water tank, so the expansion tank is horizontal. A residential plumbing system should be able to handle water pressure between 40-60psi. While this is one option, we don’t recommend these fittings for several reasons. Thank you. FAST Water Heater Co. was here in 1 hour, provided an estimate, told me exactly what it would take to comply with current code, and completed the job very quickly and professionally. Remember that a typical bladder type expansion tank has compressed air inside so it really doesn’t matter which way you mount it, the water will still drain out. That’s where an expansion tank comes into play. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. 1 how to install water heater expansion tank; 2 Now, the question is how to install an expansion tank on a gas water heater. The expansions tank membrane is build to move and keep the rest of the system under more or less the same pressure. And, when water is heated and expands, if it doesn't have an expansion tank to catch the "overflow," it can cause pipes to leak or even burst. Expansion tanks are the best, as they can hold more water. In and out in a couple of hours with zero inconvenience! I have had two water heaters installed and one follow up warranty service which I think went very well. You can prevent a costly accident by periodically inspecting your expansion tank. While expansion tanks are required by code in most closed-loop water heater systems, they have a reputation for failing. With that much water, there should be much expansion going on. I would think psi in the bladder would be extremely high at this point? The pressure release valve is a safety device and should never activate under normal conditions. It's estimated, for example, that the cold water in a standard 50-gallon water heater expands … A thermal expansion tank is designed to control and reduce water pressure within the plumbing system. With these two factors, you can then make a decision about what size of expansion tank to get. I give him 5+ stars. Common Questions about Installing Water Heater Expansion Tank 1. This will conflict with info that comes with any expansion tank you buy at a retail store. from $17.05. There are ways to test this and determine if you have a closed or open water supply system, but the process may be difficult because the backflow prevention devices tend to vary in appearance. A water heater expansion tank does not contain water on a regular basis, rather it stores the excess water that overflows from the main tank. Expansion tanks are also known for developing pinhole leaks in the rubb… I’m told it’s now our county code but it’s silly because it’s redundant, and we’re not risking backing up water into the city system. Here are the basic steps to help you evaluate whether to tackle it or call a pro. Fast is the operative word here. I have a similar situation and my expansion tank for my well pump system is much larger than I would put on my new NG fired water heater. Within 2 yrs it was making this popping noise and I had it replaced with another AO of the same size with an expansion tank added . When water pressure gets too high, it can damage plumbing valves, weaken supply pipe joints and shorten the life of your water heater itself. Imagine the inside of your home’s water heater with too much pressure inside. Expansion tanks are available in a variety of sizes depending on your water pressure, the size of the actual water heater, and the temperature the water is heated to. I have 5) 50 gallon electric water heaters in 4-plex. The expansion tank is designed to handle the thermal expansion of water as it heats up in the water heater, preventing excessive water pressure. Temperatures directly effect pressure in a sealed environment such as refrigeration or water system. You would not want the valve to release that often; it wastes hot water and will make it wear out. 4.8 out of 5 stars8. Even after reading all these comments I don’t understand why the expansion tanks are necessary if they have a good pressure release valve, there are pans under the tanks, and the tanks are in the garage not the attic.

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