by Wampler. Here, Sweetwater is offering a blanket 15% off one of the biggest and best emerging names in modern heavy guitar sounds. Revv G3 Distortion Pedal Features: Mix Ready – Smart filtering keeps lows tight & highs present with no mud or ice. I feel this selection stands up pretty well on its own merits. Crazy Tube Circuits Killer V Pre Amp/Vibrato. Many of the Boss pedals get a bad rep, but even though several could do with some modern nips and tucks - the old pedals can still sound great if you deploy them correctly and use in combination with other upstream boosts and downstream EQs to make up for any perceived shortcomings. It is a little bit costly, but it is made in Canada and the company has top level service. Many players ask me about viable MESA distortion options - and at this size my picks are this R2 PreAmp, and MESA's own Throttle Box q.v. Moreover if playing within a domestic / neighbourly setup - the pedal-route is the only way you can practically operate. In my compact metal pedal slot I currently have the REVV G3 in pride of place - having taken over duties from the Friedman BE-OD, and sometime rotation of the Wampler Dracarys. You must be registered and logged in to comment. I am hoping for an improved V2 release of this within these next 12 months or so. This is another pedal that is likely to be added to the collection before too long. revv g3 & revv g4 I do not have a serious Modern Metal pedal and after hearing them all ...I still keep coming back to the REVV. I sold it for $100 and I done fucked up. This pedal is very much within HM-2 and MT-2 territory, so may be too fizzy for some - while for many others it's a sort of secret weapon. They run through several high-gain pedals with him and explain the different pros and cons of each. The Keeley mod gives you a 3-way mode selector with Stock, Ultra Tube and Triple Diode - the stock version has a much more even and slightly beefed up tonal profile - particular in the mid-range - while the Ultra and Treble Diode modes both give you different degrees of additional frequency boost. PLBR Effects Releases Innovative Pizzacrusher Bitcrusher Glitch Fuzz, 24 of the Best Compact Distortion Pedals - 2019 Edition, 12 Degrees of Saturation - 2020 Key Fuzz Categories Edition, 12 Degrees of Saturation : 2020 Key Distortion Categories Edition, 12 Degrees of Saturation : 2020 Key Overdrive Categories Edition, Singular Dominant Pedal Colour Association by Guitar Pedal Type / Genre. I personally could have done with a little more gain onboard, but you can't quibble over the versatility of this pedal. The Chase Bliss Audio and Meris Automatone CXM 1978 Studio Reverb Collaboration Gets Superb New Scott Harper Demo alongside Release Date and rather hefty Price Tag! Its definitely a pedal for metal genres, but it still sounds good with gain dialed down. With far superior tone control, internal voltage increased to 22V and more gain on tap - this is a considerably beefed up version of the HM-2 which most fans of that sound should love - it's also very fairly priced - but do note that there will be customs import charges added to the displayed total. Within Greek maker VS Audio's neat and compact range there is the sort of High Gain Distortion Operation Trinity which kind of straddles my High Gain and Distortion categories. I tend to stick entirely with the more biting 'Edge' variety where you get some fantastic modern mids-forward metal rhythm tones. I did a piece on alternatives to this discontinued pedal - as sometimes the going price for a pristine second hand version is verging on the ridiculous on - but good buys can still be had if you're careful. As a boost pedal, this means that the G2 can seriously drive the front end of your amp, but it also means that the G2 functions quite well as an amp channel/amp modeler. Regular price $264.99 Sale price … What did you think of the Dracarys though? As always and being the eternal opportunist - when and how they get added to the collection depends very much on pricing, availability, priorities and prevailing mood. 446 . Pedals that I haven't tried out but would like to are the Rev G3, Wampler Pinnacle V2, Bogner Uberschall, and Bogner Ecstasy Red. Last year I was looking for a distortion pedal and my choices were, Wampler Sovereign Distortion, Wampler Dracarys, Wampler Triple Wreck, Revv g3, Friedman BE-OD Possibly I prefer Aleks K's Maple Leaf Royal Overdrive a touch more - but that pedal is not in this category. - it has a lovely combination of bark and bite with just the right degree of tone-shaping to get the most out of it. Doing the HM-2 alternatives article finally sealed the deal when I discovered that the Filaments could get you well into that territory alongside a number of other really appealing but generally more dark-side tones. Announced in the run-up to Christmas, and in my hands on January 10th - well in advance of NAMM, this REVV Generator Channel 4 pedal gives you even more metal oomph than the well-received G3. I use these pedals in combination with other boosts and EQs and can achieve some pretty stellar tones at relatively reasonable volume levels, although you can’t get quite yet the full frequency response and lovely rich and harmonically complex texture of those very best of Metal-style amps - one day though I think we will get there. I currently have this as a nice to have pedal rather than a metal pedal essential - but for many it will do the job just fine. Alpha Distribution Showcases Revamped Amptweaker Range following its Takeover of James Brown's Pedal Brand, Cooper FX Arcades Modular Multi-FX Workstation : Card Spotlight Series #4 : REVERB. REVV G2 GREEN CHANNEL OVERDRIVE/CRUNCH PEDAL. Your gear should work for you, not against you. $229.00. WAMPLER ETHEREAL DELAY AND REVERB. While some are much more significantly limited in their scope. This was the surprise winner in my HM-2 alternatives feature - where with its very unique Focus control - which offers increased separation of the twin peaking frequencies in the mid-range character which are so instrumental in the HM-2 sound. Youtube. This is another close cousin to the more conventional distortion pedals and is more closely related to the Anarchy Audio Deadwoods than any other circuit here. I really wish I still had that. Guitar Pedal Directory - Favourite Pedals by Preferred Pedal-Makers, Hungry Robot Launches New and Improved V2 Mini and Deluxe Editions of The Wardenclyffe Lo-Fi Ambient Modulator, Reveals its Best-Selling New Pedals for 2020, Boss Reveals the Results of a 2 Year Macari's Sola Sound Collaboration - The Rare and Unique TB-2W Germanium Tone Bender MKII Fuzz. - where the G3 currently seems to get the most love - but each pedal is sufficiently distinct to … I've mentioned a couple of times on this site that Aleks K pedals could do with some more publicity and support - these are superbly well crafted pedals from Canada, family-made! I love that it has all of the EQ options of the real amp channel including the mid-scoop channel which totally rules for death metal rhythm playing. Some here are more modern with mid-push, some are slightly fuzz-aligned, some are more bass-heavy / vintage or scooped - but I feel very much that this selection holds up to any - there are all kinds of weird 'Metal' and High Gain pedal selections on the web with no rhyme or reason to them at all really - while I feel that this group is particularly well curated. £177. Volume: controls the overall output level. I've tried the BEOD, Dracarys, Analog Man's modded Metalzone, Keeley's modded Metalzone, KMA Wurm, Two Notes Le Lead, and the Diezel Herbert pedal. It has a pretty vast range of tones - and although not exactly HM-2, it puts you very much in that ballpark. As always I would have preferred 3-band EQ, but we do have a the Lo/Hi gain mode selector alongside Mid Cut control to give you most of the voicing options you would want. This pedal was on my wishlist for the longest time - I initially considered it versus the Wampler Dracarys when they both originally came out - but ended up going with the former, and making all manner of priority decisions along the way - while the Filaments was probably superior and more versatile to many of the pedals I initially acquired in its stead.

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