King Raithwall was buried with the Dawn Shard, and his tomb is guarded by an Esper he had defeated in life, Belias. Rapier, Guisarme, Bec de Corbin, Voulge, Cranequin, Arbalest; Baselard, Halberd, Langdebeve, Fauchard, Falchion, Bishop's Crosier, Chain Coif, Cabasset, Sallet, Basinet, Armet, Burgonet, Cuirass, Rondanche, Freiturnier; even the name Lea Monde itself is French, and French words and culture are closely tied to Ivalice. Affinity, Class and Type in Vagrant Story, Great Sword Combinations in Vagrant Story, Ivalice: the Past, Present and Future of Vagrant Story, When Yuna Met Balthier ~EPISODE 4~"DON'T MESS WITH THE FISH", Vagrant Story part 16(of 21) Last of Rosencrantz, Fullmetal Alchemist (SUB) - 40 - The Scar,;_Connections_and_Similarities_between_Vagrant_Story_and_Final_Fantasy?oldid=7436. Berion - An artificial moonstone made by the ancient Kildeans, named after a legendary knight. Many creatures adapted to a land-based way of life, but some creatures, such as the Croakadile, struggled surviving through the colder temperatures and their population dwindled. [7], The 2006 Final Fantasy CGI movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children repeated the sylvan habitat of glowing floating entities in the Sleeping Forest scene, after Cloud battles the Remnant trio, when he meets up with Vincent, although the lights are not explained or even referred to in dialogue. Il à crée cet univers de A à Z, architecture, mythologie, peuples, meurs et politiques. Watch. He hoped to start a war with Rozarria and become Ivalice's new Dynast King, as he was being led by the rogue Occuria, Venat, who wished to shatter the control its kind had over Ivalice. Haeralis: Star sapphire with the power of Haeralis the Brave. It is possible this is not the same grimoire Marche used, as in Final Fantasy Tactics A2 the book is referred to as the Grimoire of the Rift. Eventually the glaciers began to melt as the temperature rose, flooding the lands. In. Luso Clemens is teleported to Jylland by writing his name in the Gran Grimoire. The Empires of Archadia and Rozarria arose and expanded quickly. Vagrant Story takes place within the kingdom of Valendia, which shares the name of a continent from Final Fantasy XII. Altema - Garnet containing Altema the Fallen's spirit. The fall of the Holy Ydoran Empire in particular is reminiscent of the French legend of Ys. Name allusion for the Sylphi Entite. Ivalice is a kingdom created by Mewt Randell's imagination after he bought the Gran Grimoire from a bookstore. This is further evidenced by the ancient stone architecture that composes its rooms and halls. Although Matsuno had to bow out of the development staff, ostensibly due to health issues, he is credited for "Story and Concept" and "Supervisor". It seems likely that developers share player's nostalgia for prior content, and note the fact that players like to see the return of elements they previously enjoyed. Her followers created a cult after her and as time passed, a man called Saint Iocus began prohibiting the use of magicks. The garif were unable to use it and, angered at the garif's incompetence, the Occuria came to learn of Raithwall's victory over the Esper Belias. The World of Ivalice Ivalice is the world which comprises the settings of FF Tactics, FFTA, FF12/FF12RW, and Vagrant Story. Unlike the Ivalice Alliance titles, this Ivalice is not a world, but an ancient near-eastern region set in the world of Hydaelyn. The scions of Dark rose against the gods and were bound to the world, hence only half appear as Espers in Final Fantasy XII. Since the name of the Church associated with the Priesthood is never given, this may be an allusion to Saint Ajora Glabados. Map of Ivalice locations in Final Fantasy XII. It's unknown whether Ivalice is considered a planet or if the entire Ivalice is a dream world created by Mewt, basing on St. Ivalice from his world, with a backstory created by his imagination. Increases power against phantoms. While not historically relevant, Luso Clemens appeared during this time period, but how he got there is unknown. Ivalice is referred to as a kingdom, similar to a European country in the Middle Ages. Vagrant Story is not the same world or even the same universe as X-2, but the great majority of the Final Fantasy series is linked together thematically by the Lifestream, the Farplane and Pyreflies, which are concepts related to Snowflies and the magical flow of energy which the followers of Saint Iocus dubbed the Dark. It is unknown if the Occuria had a hand in this or not, as they are known to have given magick stones with great power to individuals of their choosing. The function of the 'Cure' spell is similar to Final Fantasy cures in that it will recover Hit Points for living characters but cause damage to. His influence incited unrest among the Pharist priests, and Ajora was caught and hanged by the Empire after which an earthquake wiped out Ydora and sunk Mullonde into the sea. Increases power against humans. The party who stopped Vayne Solidor, along with some new friends, also defeated Feolthanos and restored peace to Ivalice. (weak link). He may have used the powers of his Grimoire of the Rift to return to Ivalice in a different era once he was freed from his imprisonment. Pyreflies are glowing, drifting white lights that tend to inhabit secluded and sometimes rural settings in Final Fantasy X and X2, that rise from bodies of the dead during a Sending ceremony,[2] and are said to be spirit energy from the the souls of the dead travelling to the FarPlane afterlife resting place of dead souls. From a production staffing standpoint, the two games are connected. This sparked a treasure hunting spree among sky pirates that a maddened Feolthanos attempted to exploit. Associated with T.G. The Espers were defeated and the Occuria, wanting to ensure the Espers would not rebel again, bound them into glyphs and banished them to the dark reaches within Ivalice. Matsuno, the game's producer and director, preferred to create a new game title from scratch and use design ideas from staff collaborations, rather than reusing popular characters and designs that are found in sequels. Gnome Bracelet - Bracelet imbued with an earth spirit. Allusion of Sir Bedivere. Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and the main part of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 both contain characters from Final Fantasy XII , so they can easily be placed shortly after the end of that game. The most famous group of Zodiac Braves are Delita Heiral and Ramza Beoulve who fought in the War of the Lions. Strategically located between the rival neighboring states Dalmasca's position as a neutral buffer region is eliminated when it is invaded by the Archadian Empire. Every area map is given a name in both Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII; while the more macabre of VS stylings were doubtless censored, even the most poetic and esoteric names of Vagrant Story are echoed in XII, with names like Walk of Stolen Truths and Invitation to Heresy. In the Fifty Years' War Ivalice opposed the armies of Ordallia, leading to the current destabilized political situation, and eventually the War of the Lions to decide the kingdom's true ruler. Using the War of the Lions, the new leader of the Lucavi, Hashmal, hoped to revive her. Matsuno's next game was Vagrant Story in 2000. are sometimes mentioned. Thousands of years ago Ivalice was the home of the Holy Ydoran Empire, and the first group of Zodiac Braves led by Ajora battled the empire's tyranny. Ten to twenty years later a young boy called Luso finds the Gran Grimoire, but unlike Mewt's experience, this time the Gran Grimoire sends Luso back in time to the Golden Era.

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