event : event, This is the last step in the Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring knowledge area. It deliberately doesn’t take the timeframe, the sequencing or any dependencies into account yet and should be seen as the very first step of Building a Project Plan / Schedule. Next, the business analyst determines the deliverables list and estimates. Keep in mind that the number of people who you would have available to execute your project has not been determined yet. Decision Analysis examines and models consequences of different decisions. The project manager is responsible for managing the project scope, time, and cost. A Simplilearn representative will get back to you in one business day. })(); Business Analysis Excellence © All Rights Reserved. Let’s first define the specific terms you need to understand when learning about the Work Breakdown Structure: Phase: The Phase of a project is a logical grouping of activities and deliverables that is grouped together for purposes of planning for a project. So let’s now have a look at the three core Business Analysis Planning Techniques (borrowed from the Project Management Profession) that will help you in your role as a great Business Analyst. Often, outside-specialized vendors may be needed to fill the gaps in organizational capabilities. Business Analysis Approach These are just two examples but you can image the type of deliverables that you need to think of here. This consensus is what creates a solution that will be successfully implemented to solve the business problem. The certification names are the trademarks of their respective owners. callback: callback A BA is dedicated to the task of identifying problems, problem costs, and solutions that meet the identified needs of the client. The following are the outputs: So for each task that you identify in each invisible column with the highest maximum value, you should make a circle around the maximum duration for that task (preferably in a new colour). The reason using “Post It” notes are recommended is because you are going to be moving the “Post It” notes around and will be using them again when you start Step 2: Creating the Network Diagram. Let us discuss the various roles and responsibilities in the planning and monitoring process. The discount coupon will be applied automatically. Brainstorming is used to produce a broad or diverse set of options from a set of participants. We will not be covering that method here but once you understand the Work Breakdown Structure Technique, you will be in a great position to understand the Product Break Down Structure too. Scope Modeling defines the boundaries of a business domain or solution. On smaller projects where the Business Analyst gets more involved with working closely with a Project Manager (or even play the role of a pseudo Project Manager) these techniques are like your bread and butter when it comes to planning tasks. Business Analysis Performance Metrics Metrics and Key Performance Indicators A trainer is responsible for training end users and others in properly using the new solutions. Part of the objective here is to figure out which tasks can run in parallel and what dependencies exist between tasks. Business Analysis Approach Examples of deliverables could be documents, software packages or any tangible result that makes the project progress to the next stage of the plan. Now, let us go through a few questions to check your understanding of the concepts discussed. This documentation may eventually be added to the enterprise’s process assets. The revised process and templates for business analysis deliverables should be analyzed and documented and the lessons learned should be recorded. Remember how you placed a minimum and maximum duration on each task? We will begin with the walk-of the Planning and Monitoring tasks on the next slide. Business Analysis Excellence Pty Ltd provides online International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) endorsed training programs and courses to students from more than 16 different countries around the world.

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