That is the case already, the sideloading of Android apks certainly works, even though it is clunky (guess why SideQuest exists). Brining up something simple like they won’t let us use Android apps is full of subtext. Carmack knows having access to those millions of apps on billions of devices is critical, I know it too. For details on who these people are, ple… That’s a herculean effort that will scare off developers, make integrating hardware more difficult, and have no profit advantage over perfectly suitable alternatives (like a custom version of Android). “LOL, and they could also open source Quest OS”. - Required version for the "Asteroids" expansion. Download DRAGON QUEST apk 1.0.9 for Android. Seems a no brainer to have a resizable screen for Oculus TV eventually (why it’s not yet there is beyond me, putting a small screen in front of a user in a virtual environment is plain dumb). I really thank zuckerberg for throwing so much money into the industry though, even if his hopes of being the number 1 storefront for ar/vr is a pipedream next to the likes of google. You mean that rocket company that’s out of business for a few years? You do realize that facebook is losing a ton of money subsidizing the quest hardware and software ecosystem, actually paying for games to get made, not making any profit? As AR/VR becomes bigger, 2D apps will become less and less relevant. Turn Based RPG inspired by board game Hero Quest. Android apps work on Quest already, with the limitation that Quest runs a bit old Android version – I believe Quest 1 runs Android 7.1 or so, not sure what is Quest 2 running. Explore an expansive library of awe-inspiring games and immersive experiences with unparalleled freedom. Add to Wishlist. The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye IV is an expansion to The Quest. 2016.09.14. If only Valve had hired him instead of Abrash. The few that did weren’t willing to pay a lot for the viewer just to give it a try. I’m also sure if he were to go anywhere he would probably be paid the same or more. I already have a dozen or so Android apps on my Quest downloaded with APK Pure and installed using either APK Manager or SAI. Enjoy your adventures in it's large, colorful and intricate world wherever you go! I mean, YOU were mentioning the “long term multi year picture”. Verify the following Android platform is installed, as it is the minimum version required by the SDK: Oculus Go: Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Carmack is looking at the long term multi year picture, as am I. Visualize the ecosystems several years out, not just weeks or months. One can claim that Google fucked it up by assuming they could force the higher costs and requirements into the market, which caused Daydream to fail. If Oculus allowed existing Android apps onto Quest, it could radically improve the usefulness of the headset by allowing users access to a much wider range of apps. A fork of *nix? Although the Quest home environment looks nothing like the home screen of your Android phone, the headset actually runs the Android operating system underneath it all. In contrast, Pico Neo 2 shows and launches regular Android apps straight from the main menu, along with any installed VR apps (that’s perhaps the other extreme because there is no indication of what is a VR and what is a “pancake” app). It’s a view shared by many technical analyst. The mages all prophesy a dark shadow looming over the safety of the kingdom. Welcome to The Quest Wiki The wiki about The Quest by RedShift Games that anyone can edit. $7.99 Buy. The main problem is access to Google Play so that you don’t have to sideload everything and then updating the Oculus UI/launcher so that Android apps not publishing the Oculus-compatible manifest and/or not coming from the Oculus store show in the menus so that the user can actually launch them. So there’s the answer to getting 16:9 all the time. Consequently most people never got a Daydream capable phone just by buying a new smartphone. On Go (and maybe earlier Quest firmware, I didn’t use OTV much on Quest before the new model) they display in a mountain forest environment on a large 16:9 screen. Clearly, he’s not the Chief of anything if he can’t impose that sort of requirement. All of my apps open in 16:9 when launched from the TV section and yes I’m on the latest firmware. In the kingdom of Monares trouble is brewing. Caveat is that during installation you have to cycle the screen off and on with the power button to get the install buttons to show up at the bottom of the dialog. Even if it cost him millions, Carmack’s rocket ventures were a good indicator how much he can achieve on a minuscule budget. The Quest - Android release! It’s a long game, perhaps smart to let Facebook burn billions of dollars on VR, facebook will have a 6dof real ar headset in 2021 …apparently The Quest HD - Isles of Ice and Fire released! ……who knows when google and others will make smart glasses and real ar headsets, …..I don’t really bother with long term predictions. A large scale fully openworld RPG full of action, dungeon crawling & adventure! The non-standard bits are the Oculus tracking system and the drivers for some of the hardware, plus the Facebook services like the UI, telemetry, Oculus store. So the only laughingstock here is you. The Quest is a massive game packed with tons of art assets, even setting aside the expansion content. If I wanted that kind of experience I would have just brought a cheap VR headset for my phone! You can use a file manager to install normal apks, but the other apps are more convenient. I think that we need to support our Android apps [on the headset] in a broader sense. I can do that over Oculus link right now but the majority of my VR library is on the Quest. If he’s complaining in public about anything…he’s not happy doing what he’s doing. The Quest is now available on Google Play! Hopefully, Infinite Office will ultimately lead to better integration of flat and stereoscopic screen apps. I actually believe that there is still a marked for phone based VR, and millions of simple VR viewers are still sold in China. Experience the classic RPG that started the legend of DRAGON QUEST! You can get it on Google Play for Android and in the App Store for iOS. But it has to leverage phones people actually own. Android apps running on Quest is apparently something Oculus’ own CTO has been arguing for internally. He is primarily interested in VR for the masses, not high end VR. Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email. 709 articles since June 2009The Quest has been released on Steam! It sounds like theres so much internal politics in Oculus which is really concerning. The Quest is a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat. Valves structure would be perfect for him but I’m sure his contract has a no compete clause for a year or 2 so if he did leave he wouldn’t be able to work on vr stuff… I assume. AR and VR. Yes, the company he founded in 2000 that never took venture capital, instead being fully funded by Carmack till 2006 with a ridiculously low budget of about USD 2.5M and kept running until 2013 by winning prizes from a number design challenges, doing paid research and an additional USD 1M per year from Carmack in the two last years. All I’m saying is Carmack is silent when he’s happy. It could be that AppStarter changed the default even though I did not open the app though the launcher. If Carmack wants to push VR to become large enough to create a sustainable market for developers, where companies can create games at the scale he did at id software without losing money, it makes a lot more sense to use his influence to push Facebook in the right direction, instead of getting his personal playground at Valve. The governor of Freymore is missing and the island is in tumult. I must agree with carmack and disagree with you for now, without those millions of apps developed for billions of devices, things are not going to end well for Zuck. Anyone touching facebook, including Qualcomm, is just arming their future competitor. You have to cycle the screen off and on during apk installation to get the install buttons to show up at the bottom of the dialog. I’m surprised by Carmack’s comments here. As a workaround I installed Amazon Appstore since they have their own framework. If you have an apk of an android app, you can sideload it and it will likely work just fine, displaying as a floating window in front of you, and then you use a laser pointer (controller) for touch.

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