The coincidences, if we may call them that, did not end with Targ's death. Out of curiosity, the tie-less man answered the phone on his way past and lo and behold: he got the message. Coincidences have always sparked curiosity and fascination. Yet another coincidence? In confirmation bias or ‘selection bias’ we take notice of things that support our hypothesis because they are note-worthy and memorable and we ignore all the evidence contrary to the hypothesis. Let’s start by looking closely at the word coincidence. "He hadn't seen it. Nevertheless, the human brain so enjoys coincidences and patterns that we are happy to accept that this is an almost ‘magical’ coincidence because it’s ‘close enough’. A pilot study found that even 4-year-old children could generalize properly if presented "blick" three times. People find it dispiriting to hear, 'It just happened, and it doesn't mean anything.'". Targ instantly recognized the syllables as the Russian words for "I love you." "The information-rich environment of modern life itself is a source of many coincidences." . But do we fall into that trap too often? Tenenbaum found that after seeing an object (such as a Dalmatian) with the name "blick" only once, adults were able to infer that the word either referred to all Dalmatians or all dogs. . Thus there was a good chance it would turn off as I walked underneath it. We mentioned earlier how it was perfectly possible for the Fibonacci sequence to appear at random. The phenomenon fascinates believers and skeptics alike. "I sat in my small study wondering whether there were more coincidences connecting the two men," recalls Rushnell. In fact, there is nothing special about even the most unlikely of coincidences and all they really do is to shine a light on our psychology and the susceptibility of the human brain to be fooled. "I have no argument with people who suggest that very unusual events happen every so often and have no intrinsic significance," says Dean Radin, author of "What are the odds of that?" . The same changes do not occur before neutral or calming photos appear. Word of the horrific diagnosis spread, and healers began calling, visiting and praying from a distance—in a truly eerie echo of her newly funded study. For instance, in laboratory studies he's found that people seem to know when they're going to view upsetting photos. Imagine if you used a computer to generate random numbers and those numbers were the Fibonacci sequence. "Coincidences drive so many of the inferences our minds make," says Tenenbaum. I looked online and found there were actually communities of people who all believed they had this power. The reason? '—is asking them to perform a strange calculation," explains Tenenbaum. "We're awash in a torrent of names, numbers, dates, addresses, acronyms, telephone calls, e-mails, calendars, birth dates," says John Paulos. an entertaining collection of confounding coincidences, from star-crossed lovers to holocaust survivors who were reunited years later. Many of the remarkable feats our brains regularly perform—including our ability to learn the meaning of words or decode the unspoken laws of social decorum depend on our penchant for noticing coincidences. The phenomenon fascinates believers and skeptics alike. You might be surprised if it occurred the first time you generated some random numbers, but if you generated billions of random numbers, then you should be considerably less surprised. In A.D. 66 a comet was seen across the sky in Jerusalem just as the Jewish people were revolting against the Romans. Western Journal of Medicine This is something that we do particularly well, because it has great survival value. But what we’re forgetting is that physics isn’t taking those previous throws into account and thus we are actually just as likely to throw heads as we are tails – it’s always fifty, fifty. They are a way for our deeper emotions and concerns to call for our healing attention. I couldn't understand it. ", Not as small as you'd think, answer mathematicians who study the laws of probability. Indeed, coincidences help prod science along. Another example is the Great Pyramid in Giza. According to Tenenbaum, we could not learn language and syntax without the ability to notice strange coincidences. A more liberal definition is possible: a coincidence is a rare event; but this includes too much to permit careful study. Some fun emails stimulated by last week’s essay on loss aversion in sports and everyday life pointed me to statistician David Spiegelhalter's Cambridge Coincidence Collection, which contains people’s 4500+ reports of weird coincidences.. That took my mind back to some personally experienced coincidences . On Christmas night of 1758, Halley's comet appeared, forever changing our understanding of comets. The prayed-for group had significantly fewer opportunistic illnesses than the control group, and Targ instantly became the poster child for a fledgling new field exploring prayer and healing. "There was a very high correlation between people's intuition about coincidence and the correct probability," says Tenenbaum, who suggests that if we change the way we model questions about probability we'll conclude that humans actually excel at detecting the singularity of an event. That’s confirmation bias at its best! Our brains are wired in a certain way that sometimes makes them easy to fool. On March 11, 2004, after the terror attacks in Madrid, it was also unusually "noisy," but the next day, during the demonstrations in Spain, there was once again uncharacteristic coherence, or "quiet." We may be highly skilled at detecting and connecting anomalous events, but that doesn't help us understand events so spectacular that they are readily noticed—but not easily explained. She graduated from high school at age 15, was fluent in Russian, German and French, and eventually graduated from Stanford Medical School. A Review of the Lumie Starter 30 for SAD Treatment and Improved Energy, Brain Programs That Help or Hinder Stress Management, Were these merely strange coincidences—or are comets portents of divine intent? He also finds comfort in Targ's enduring legacy. Thus it should follow that it wouldn’t be a ‘coincidence’ if someone happened to have a phone number was a ‘noteworthy number’. The perception of remarkable coincidences may lead to supernatural, occult, or paranormal claims. Users complained because they kept hearing the same song repeated in a sequence – which of course is random. In Europe and the U.S. there are approximately two to three new cases per 100,000 people annually. One thing is certain about coincidence. Apple actually had to redesign their shuffle feature with an algorithm in order to make it feel more random, while in actuality it was no longer random at all…. The students were asked to rate how big a coincidence each set of birth dates was on a scale of 1 to 10. It was called Meta-coincidence. 2) and psychiatrist C. G. Jung separately studied coinci- Improbable occurrences are to be expected, say statisticians, especially considering there are 5 billion people on the planet. "Yet even children under 5 can be given just a few relevant examples of dog and learn to use it," marvels Tenenbaum. like the time my daughter, Laura Myers, bought two pairs of shoes. But this is less amazing when you consider that the pyramid is quite large and that actually that number is picking a very precise point on the pyramid – only the first four digits are the same by pure chance. . The speech described many coincidences linking the two men. Have you ever heard that playing The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon at the exact same time results in a perfectly synched experience? Taking this further, the likelihood of that sequence occurring at random would increase more and more the more numbers you looked at. Is there a deeper order, an overarching purpose to the universe? The observer's psychology enters at surprising, perceived, meaningful, and apparent.

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