The field work was carried out by … BSR | The Future of Business Ethics 1 business leaders today. The research was designed by Nick Temple, assisted by Dan Gregory and the wider SEUK team, with support from Lys Coleman at BMG. All influence staff behavior. 2 The Economist magazine labels Gary Hamel “the world’s reigning strategy guru.” Fortune calls Hamel “the world’s leading expert on business strategy,” and the Financial Times says Hamel is “a management innovator without peer.” As the author of such concepts as “core competence,” “strategic intent,” and “industry revolution,” Hamel has Building a sustainable post-COVID future. Lisa “The Mesh is the future of business—and Lisa Gansky describes it brilliantly! Together, we can set a course for sustainable business, for business more broadly, and for the world. 2 The Future of Business: State of Social Enterprise Survey 2017 This report was written by Nick Temple for Social Enterprise UK. Introduction Business as usual won’t get the job done—and sustainability as usual won’t suffice. The Future of Sustainable Business 1 During the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have experienced a burst of acceleration, fast-forwarding into the future of work in ways that stress-tested their ability to blend people and technology in the most dynamic business environment many of … In today’s climate of hyper-transparency and polarized public debate, staying below the radar on ethics Read this book to find out what you need to do to be part of the new economy of the Mesh!” —ALAN M. WEBBER, co-founding editor, Fast Company, and author of Rules of Thumb “Networks exist only because of what you put into them, not what you take out. approach, and a new voice for business that will meet our unique moment. Organizational culture is determined by complex interactions between systems, norms, and values.

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