She thinks they should all go inside and confront their trauma. The only thing Cyril provided for is an educational trust for Danny, but not Maeve. Also, note that while their childhood borrows from fairytale-esque elements, this is not a fairytale-type book and doesn’t read like one. Elna moves in with Maeve. Chapters 14-15. When they get near the house, Andrea, now a very old woman, comes running out, hysterically crying and flinging herself on Danny. The fictional Dutch House of the title is located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, where the … Cyril and Andrea marry. It may have been someplace you lived or someplace you drove past once. This study guide contains the following sections: Plot Summary ; Chapters; Characters; Symbols and Symbolism. If this summary was useful to you, please consider supporting this site by leaving a tip ($1, $2, or $4) or joining the Patreon! Maeve and Danny’s mother abandoned their family when they were young, so they are raised by their father and the household help instead. Maeve and Danny's mother abandoned their family when they were young, so they are raised by their father and the household help instead. It exists in my imagination and in the reader’s imagination. For a couple weeks, Danny lives with Maeve in her apartment and continues going to school. See The Dutch House on Amazon. Danny and Maeve occasionally park outside the Dutch House and spy on Andrea voyeuristically. Seemed like her actions were molded to fit the plot as opposed to a real person you could imagine. When Maeve graduates she takes a job working for Mr. Otterson, a frozen vegetable distributor. Maeve essentially raises Danny, along with Sandy, the housekeeper, and Jocelyn, the cook and Sandy’s sister. Maeve has several health scares, including a heart attack when she is in her early fifties. The conclusion of the novel felt a little too quaint or simplistic and a bit devoid of realism. The Dutch House is a story of siblings, Danny and Maeve Conroy, their obsessive connection with the iconic family house they lived in as young children and how their lives unfolded over the years. The Dutch House is the story of Danny Conroy and his older sister, Maeve. When this happens, Elna resurfaces, at which point she and Maeve become extremely close. Elna and May do lots of things together, and Maeve seems healthy and very happy. Important Quotes. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of “The Dutch House ” by Ann Patchett. Fluffy tells Danny that their mother Elna is alive and in town. Maeve does not want to, but she tells the two others to do so. Even if you feel like I did, I think you’ll probably still find something of value in this story anyway. Elna, his wife, is never comfortable in the house, feeling unnerved and oppressed by it. So if that’s what you’re interested in, you might want to skip this. It tells the story of two siblings, Danny and Maeve Conroy, and how their abandonment as children leaves them reliant on each other. When Danny is three and Maeve is seven, Elna, deemed “crazy” by many people, leaves her family permanently to go work for the poor in India. By doing so, she allows her father to ultimately find a degree of peace with his past. Share your thoughts below! Danny has no sympathy for his mother and does not want to think about her and how she abandoned her children; he also does not tell Maeve because he does not want to jeopardize her health. Settings; Themes and Motifs; Styles. Danny remains close to his sister, who does all the accounting and taxes for his business. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Unfortunately, she is on her way to becoming Cyril’s wife and bringing her own two young girls, Norma and Bright, into the family.

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