I can easily get VF14 tube through my contacts cheap so that’s no issue. When spending this much money on a microphone I suggest taking one of each home for a day and trying it in your setup. The modern tube condenser microphones can be used for various events including Decca tree stereo mic arrangements. BTW I do believe I hear brighter esses every five seconds or so (on my laptop for now). Microphones have gradually improved from a simple microphone to a modern high-tech tube condenser microphone that gives you sweet and smooth sound that you deserve. Very cool to hear about the NU-47 ! Thx. Telefunken U47 vs Neumann U47 Review Colbert • July 13, 2015 • No Comments • Microphones have gradually improved from a simple microphone to a modern high-tech tube condenser microphone that gives you sweet and smooth sound that you deserve. Therefore, you can compare the features and go for the U47 that meets your studio workhouse needs. As a matter of fact, it has proven to be the perfect studio workhouse condenser for instruments, amps and vocals. Cool! Would love to get more details about the innards of the mic. This is the only way to know which one to use. Decision time: Neve Portico or Focusrite ISA 428? When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thank you all a lot. The Telefunken U47 tube condenser microphone comes with amazing features that makes it suitable for low frequent handling and classical recordings. This review will help you determine the best tube condenser microphone that perfectly fits your needs. That was done in the Neumann factory in Berlin. Hey there! This product is quite similar to the Telefunken U47 since they share some features. Therefore, upon choosing your preferred U47 condenser microphone, you can be assured of the mic giving you years of exceptional recordings. And is it still a tube microphone? It have been plain pleasent to be able to get and share all this information about the U47, If you can get a VF14 I am sure Telefunken NA would build a dead on U47. I agree that you can only get so close without that tube. I want to buy U47 soon but I don’t know if I should go for an old Neumann or new Telefunken. If any of you gearslutz has some experience working with the new Telefunken U47m I would me glad to know? This product has been carefully engineered using the original FET design and transformer. BUt were talking about a micro difference . I have an interest though, to keep the conversation about comparing clones to originals honest. Cool! Its switchable polar pattern stand out as one of the things that has made the original Telefunken U47 a popular hit in the market today. Great job ! Click here to purchase Neumann U47 on Amazon! Good Luck, Kris. So I don’t have to cross my finger and hope I get a good one at ebay or vintageking. Without wanting to appear to be evasive, let me answer truthfully that I don't know enough about some of the emerging companies and their current crop of mics to make credible statements on specific brands and models. Could you elaborate a little more about the modern parts, without giving the exact parts list? Yes. Modern electronics and old-school engineering that provides sweet and smooth U47 tone; Dual pickup pattern modes that have been engineered to deliver relevant recording options; Wooden box, shock mount, NG Style power supply, and a Locking Case included; BV8 output transformer and VF14K metal tube provide tons of headroom and smooth sound; and. This product features a large-diaphragm with NG Power Supply and Omnidirectional Polar pattern. On the other hand, Neumann U87 has a frequency response range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. Now obviously the next step would be to hear it in action against different SPL and voices/instruments focusing on other frequency points, but what a start. Telefunken U47 is considered as an iconic microphone, which is rare with many microphones. Wonder what the price point would be. I'd be very interested in your evaluation(s) if you have. With Neumann U47 condenser microphone, you can be assured of capturing various types of delicate acoustic instruments, track vocals with exceptional detail, and record kick drum tracks with amazing punch and power. So I really don’t have any change to check them out. When it comes to tube condenser microphones, then the Telefunken U47 and Neumann U47 can serve as the best choices. Me among others seams to be pretty convinced that the Telefunken did really good job there. : 'Telefunken', as it appears on the Neumann U47's badge, was the export company, separate from the tube manufacturing unit; Telefunken never made microphones or parts for any of the mics carrying its badge, and did not select the VF14 for U47 use.

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