Cream Tea, High Tea, Afternoon Tea or Royal Tea- What’s the difference? Host/Hostess agrees to pay $50 for each half hour over the maximum seating time. We suggest adding milk first (after tasting your tea of course so you know how much milk to add), and then sugar. Some people think putting milk in first helps protect the valuable china from cracking from the hot boiling tea. Do not lean forward over the table to drink your tea. No matter how small a side item is, whether a scone, small cake or small sandwich- take small bites. In years past, the etiquette dictated that one does not directly take a bite of a scone but instead breaks off one small piece at a time and butters each piece individually. Also, when you are done stirring your tea- you will want to take your spoon out of your cup and place it on the saucer to the side of your cup. (Rose Red Short Cup), Studio Ghibli via Bluefin Benelic My Neighbor Totoro Totoro and Friends Japanese Teacup - Official Studio Ghibli Merchandise, White (BNL18304), BALIBETOV Mate cup - stainless steel double wall yerba mate cup, premium argentina mate set - beautiful mate cup and bombilla set - modern yerba mate gourd - mate argentina with 2 bombilla (straw), Tea Forte Kati Cup Ceramic Tea Infuser Cup with Infuser Basket and Lid for Steeping, Bleu. Our unconventionally chic and sophisticated decor creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. That number is equivalent to 35 paper cups for every person on the planet. Milk or tea, tea or milk. We will try to accommodate special dietary requests with advanced notice, 48-hour prior to the day of the party. Do not place it on the tablecloth. Use them to serve guests a hot tea or coffee drink, or treat yourself to your own favorite beverage. Granted, we don’t care but if you are trying to maintain standard tea etiquettes, then dunking your side item into your tea is not acceptable. Not just for stylish presentation, a matching saucer underneath a teacup makes for an easy resting spot for a spoon or used tea bag. However, there are no etiquette police (at least on our payroll) and so it’s pretty common and widely accepted to break the scone in half and butter each half individually and then eat it. However, we should note, the longer you brew your tea, the higher the levels of antioxidants will be present in your tea which is always a good thing. Tea & Cup Wholesale. The answer to this is no. Place your napkin unfolded to the left of your place setting and push your chair in to avoid tripping others. Browse our world-famous English Tea Store brand teacups. Most teahouses have a casual and relaxed “business casual” dress code. So we can contact you outside of business hours. It’s usually customary to wear closed toed shoes for men that are not sneakers. Most people fall in the range of brewing for 3-6 minutes. Be careful not to clink your spoon against the cup, as that is considered rude and disruptive. Find sturdy solid color tea cups and elegantly crafted porcelain teacups with delicate floral patterns edged in silver or gold. Apparently, there is a right and a wrong way to stir your tea. From Earl Grey to English breakfast, chamomile, peppermint and green jasmine, any tea simply tastes better when sipped from a teacup. Whether or not you decide to use the “pinky up” approach, it is customary to sit up straight and be sure to put your napkin on your lap. (Rose Blue Coffee Cup, 12 OZ), Flower Teacup Transparent Glass Teacup, (With Spoon + Lid), Fancy Tea Cups, Flower Tea Cup,Tea Cup Gift, Gifts for Women,Mother's Day Present,Gift Box. Unfilled reservations will be billed at ½ the cost of your selected menu items plus sales tax. Should patron choose not to book the entire dining room other guests will be seated in the same room and at the same time as your function. Which comes first? We offer the finest loose-leaf teas in existence to offer you the best tea experience and the most amazing flavor qualities available. ORDER AHEAD ONLINE, Now taking reservations- very limited outdoor seating, Sunday to Wednesday Private Bookings & Corporate Events, 18154 Imperial Hwy | Yorba Linda, CA | 92886, @ $20.95 per person plus tax & 20% service fee, Tea, scone, and an assortment of three petit desserts, $20.95 per person plus tax & 20% service fee, Pot of Tea, assortment of five finger tea sandwiches, and choice of dessert or scone with strawberry jam & whipped Devonshire cream, $24.95 per person plus tax & 20% service fee, Pot of tea, scone with strawberry jam & whipped Devonshire cream, assortment of five finger tea sandwiches, and petite desserts all served on a 3-tiered server- makes for a classic afternoon tea experience, $29.95 per person plus tax & 20% service fee, Pot of tea, scone with strawberry jam & whipped Devonshire cream, quiche, soup du jour, assortment of five finger tea sandwiches, and choice of dessert, Afternoon Tea Selections For children 5 to 12, @ $12.95 per person plus tax & 20% service fee, Choice of tea, lemonade or hot chocolate, scone, and a cupcake for each child to decorate & enjoy, $14.95 per person plus tax & 20% service fee.

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