I prefer to drill through the bridge and use bridge pins. How Fender's No-Tie Ukulele Bridge Makes Re-Stringing a Breeze You'll have new strings on your uke in minutes with this slotted bridge. Tie at the Bridge Take the new string out of its pack and feed one end through the hole in the bridge. Tie the string knot, slip a glass or plastic bead over it, and the bridge pin holds it in. Installation again depends on the type of bridge that your ukulele has. String Remoed from Slotted Bridge Installing New Strings at Bridge 3. – Tie a small knot at the very end of the new string and pull it tight. By Mike Duffy Just as metal guitar strings can grow dull over time due to factors like wear and tear and humidity, nylon ukulele strings will also get old over time, and that will affect your sound. There should be two or three inches sticking out toward the ukulele… String through bridges usually have a bridge plate to prevent string wear. I prefer the string through bridge with pins, and I also believe there is less chance of the string tension pulling up the bridge. Its the same concept as an acoustic guitar bridge. The number depends on how your bridge was made. Standard bridge – Tie a small knot at the very end of the new string and pull it tight. UKULELE STRING KNOTS Buy Strings For attaching strings on a ‘tie on’ bridge wind the string knot around itself one to three times.

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