We do not have winter wardrobes or summer wardrobes. You're looking for North Carolina in the United States. Houston is the RAT HOLE of Texas. ... To be not too hot and not too cold, it would have to be coastal. Wind that will shake your house and raining all the time or a drought! It's either way too hot, way too cold, snowing, or raining. Also, if you are not familiar with New England weather, that's when it can be like 70 degrees one day and than the next day it's like 10 degrees. Always sunny, rarely too hot or too cold. Then it's too cold the rest of the time to do anything. I live in Tennessee, and even the short, mild winters are too much for me. Grey, oppressive skies for 6 months (save for those 4 days in the winter when the sun shines, and you can count on sub zero temps at night on those occasions). I hate the cold. For a state bordering Canada, it can be very humid in the Summer. The mountains are also just a few hours away. The summers are humid and can hover in the mid to upper 90s (and a few years ago there were days and days in the 100s), and the winters are usually within 20 degrees above or below 0 (-16 in my hometown the other night! ) It gets the worst weather from each (tornadoes, heat waves and blizzards, respectively). No wonder AC was invented here. Winters are long, dark, icy, and freezing. Nothing but straight sunshine. And summer is warm and dry, for the most part. Sunset is at 4pm for months at a time. Murders everyday. A false spring usually arrives in April, followed by more snow or cold grayness. Can't say I'm really shook to be honest. The humidity is atrocious most of the year even when it hasn't rained for two weeks and then there is the heat. If it is sunny in Indiana it means rain is close behind, otherwise it's just too cold to be outside in a t-shirt. If the humidity isn't set to "sauna", it's incredibly windy. It can be 70 one day and drop down into the 20's that night. I suspect many people will disagree. In NJ they say, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes, it will change." (In the basement due to tornadoes! Way too hot and humid in the summer, cold but not cold enough for it to snow in winter and the spring is either damp and cold, way too humid or raining. Most if not all humans should leave the state and leave it to wildlife which doesn't seem to have a problem with it. I can't stand still in my yard without getting swarmed by fire-ants. The mountains are also just a few hours away. Depends on how you define "hot" and "cold." How many other states can say that? The weather for the most part is unpredictable and rarely what the weather people say. Cold in winter, hot in summer. Tired of mockery, Austrian village changes name. It is followed by winters which are surprisingly cold for such a hot region (highs in the 20s and teens for weeks at a time, ice storms that knock out power to tens of thousands, etc. I have been in 3 tornados and I am 16. There is a reason this state has the highest concentration of pilots. Not too hot in th summer (80's) and not too cold in the winter (40's-50's). The winters last forever. Upper 20's with sleet and snow and 25 mph winds. We just have to check the temperature for the day. Cold in the winter, regardless if it snows or not. The coldest it gets in the winter is about 5-10C. It's not so hot for months on end in many of it's regions. with bitter wind. Haha! We don't have any tornados, or 12 inch snow. It seems that once every 5 years, we get some sort of tropical storm or hurricane. We are on water restrictions bc of no rain, all plants and grass are dead. They never complain about the weather in California. In the winter, you will barely get any day's with sun. You can sit outside, doing nothing and within a minute or two you are sweating like a pig. No matter what during winter it will be a good thing to see 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter lasts 6-7 months out of the year, then the summer is all road work trying to fix all the many ways all the roads got destroyed during 6-7 months. When it rains, the temperature drops into the mid 80's, and after the intense lightning storm every afternoon, the humidity spike back up even higher. My good friend from Puerto Rico thought he left hurricanes when he moved to St. Louis over 25 years ago. According to westher channel if it says a temp then that is the actual temp. Houston Texas is way over populated with illegals from Mexico and South America. And it is relatively cheap, compared to California, NY, NJ, and Florida. Summer weather. I love the cold and the snow and the isolation is a bonus. No joke it was gray and overcast for 10 minutes with a heavy rainfall. In summers it can get up to 90 degrees and with moderate humidity, so it doesn't feel too great. Texas has the worst weather by far. In Jefferson City, it reaches 90 degrees in summer and it snows a lot in the winter. Good Ice Fishing And Snowmobiling, but if you want summer, maine is not the place for you as it rarely gets over 80 degrees even in july, A total of 6 to 8 weeks of nice weather a year... maybe, Cold in winter, takes a while for summer to arrive. Yep, my dad survived crappy New Jersey weather. It is not common to have a year with weather like that in Michigan. Each state on the list has examples of places with wonderful weather all year. It's mid-May and I wore my winter coat today. The rain just rains too much in the summer and it never stops. Hurricanes every year. Fall is best, but only lasts for a few short months. They're usually more of a mild ...more. Gray skies for 6-7 straight months from October through May. Spring is "mild winter" and fall is "mosquito season.". Coastal areas like San Francisco and Salinas are even more extremely mild, since the ocean regulates the temperature so well that all year long it's always around 50-60. Winters, on the other hand, are just miserable, dark and cold with almost no snow on a regular basis. Way too cold for too long. Then tomorrow, a cold front will come in with a thunderstorm that makes an extremely hot day go dark with 5 inches of rain showering down, plus some hail. In winter, it's too cold to shovel snow or have fun in the snow. Tornado-filled desert. California is perfect for me, but that's my preference since I've lived here my whole life. Short summer, long winter, no spring. Not bad in the summer, winters are awful. There's ALWAYS a reason that you can't go outside. Thunderstorms are common in summer and only serve to make it more humid and give people more migraines.Fun weather facts: Missouri gets tornadoes, earthquakes, major flooding, droughts, golfball sized hail, severe thunderstorms (1-2 a month on average), and hurricanes ( they sometimes travel up the Mississippi river to hit us. It goes from hot to cold to some big thunderstorm. In all the other seasons, it goes from 40 to 60 to 30 to 80 to 20. right next to findlay one place had a high of 79 and the other a high of 109 degrees! Are k cup coffees pods safe to make in a coffee cup in the microwave ? I heard South Carolina was a decent place to live. Nope. We've had snow in April and we've had 21 tornadoes sweep across Dayton. I love when people talk about how much they love the '4 seasons'. I love living in Florida. It rains constantly you may get a period of decent weather here in there in the fall but it's more the exception than the rule. Windy with ice, sleet, snow and rain in the winter (which makes it difficult to travel safely without nearly breaking or twisting something) but it is the only time, I think, Chicago is the sunniest, next to Summer, which lasts for 2 months. The whole state is SUNNY,SUNNY, SUNNY! Hard to “ plan ahead” for outdoor activities. Why the hell is this not up higher. 2 to 4 weeks a year where it's nice. At least in the fall the weather is fine. Which states in America get a very good weather not cold, not often rainy, not often cloudy, not hot, not shining much and very suitable for outdoor sports like camping, jogging, cycling and etc. Unbearably freezing in the winter, fall and spring are barely even seasons they’re so short. I stay inside for about 5 months straight. The rain just rains too much in the summer and it never stops. Even then, it's usually too cloudy to see the sun. I've lived here my entire life and I have two wardrobes, one for winter (Where is FREEZING) and one for summer (WAYYYY TO HOT) We also just randomly have thunderstorms sometimes and like god... did I mention we randomly have thunderstorms? You go inside in April and can come back out in October. New York gets pretty bad weather. And I speak from experience as I've been to most of the lower 48 states.You can never enjoy a whole season of weather, because:It's hot and humid in the summer. level 1. We do have flooding when there's excessive rain. Now those from Arizona...it is much hotter over on the East. The high humidity makes it feel hotter than it actually is, making what could potentially be a perfectly-sunny day into a nastily-sticky day.

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