Spray patterns for each sprinkler head are also identified for each lawn area. I’ve designed enough sprinkler systems for a lifetime! (I’ve kept porn off it with one notable exception in the early 2000’s when a link was hijacked and I didn’t catch it for a few days.). If the quarter heads will not spray each other (head-to- head spacing), place heads along the perimeters. I started writing it not really knowing what I would do with it once it was finished. In my early years I also did a lot of design for agricultural irrigation systems,  like pastures, orchards, vineyards, even dust control and cooling sprinklers for poultry. There are lots of Sprinkler Design Guides, Why This one? Whether you’re a professional landscaper or want to irrigate your own yard, this free Landscape Sprinkler System Design Tutorial is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of creating a professional-quality sprinkler irrigation plan, layout, or drawing. We also stand behind our work and offer a comprehensive warranty on parts and labor. "Head to head" coverage refers to the sprinkler head layout that allows spray from each sprinkler head to reach the adjacent head, ensuring overlap. Founded in Lansing, Spartan Irrigation has become one of lower Michigan’s leading residential, commercial, and athletic-facility irrigation installation and service companies. So I guess if you’re still with me I’ll switch to first person and introduce myself. 2. Install sprinkler heads and valve boxes level to the grade. 1 07WTM003045 53251-01 rE.qxd 3/2/07 2:30 PM Page 2 You will find that the tutorial goes quickly once you get started. What is drip irrigation, and how can I benefit from it? Today, let us talk Sprinkler Irrigation Design, Layout, Components, Cost and Types of Sprinkler irrigation systems and their advantages, disadvantages. You will receive a detailed, computer-drawn plan specifying the location of irrigation system components such as valves, lines and sprinklers. There are two options for getting a design for your automatic irrigation system: 1. Installing a new irrigation system in a large country lawn or in extensive landscaping can take anywhere from two to five days or more. They include: 1. If you’re reading this, after all, you probably have a pretty good idea about what a sprinkler system is and more or less how it works. Your particular situation would dictate whether it is right for you. I hope you enjoy this free tutorial and that you learn a lot from it! Then draw it to scale, for example, by using one inch to equal 10 ft. Make sure that you open Hydrocalc.netafim.com in Internet Explorer (IE).This app only works in Internet Explorer (IE). ; After opening the application, a system pop-up will appear to confirm about increasing available storage. Most of the pages of the tutorial are written as stand-alone articles, so that they will be useful to those who do a search for specific information. It is then sprayed into the air through sprinklers so that it breaks up into … Because vibratory plows do not excavate the soil, they are less destructive than standard trenchers on established lawns. Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Planning, Design, Operation and Maintenance Developed by Andreas P. SAVVA and Karen FRENKEN Water Resources Development and Management Officers FAO Sub-Regional Office for East and Southern Africa In collaboration with Simon MADYIWA, Irrigation Engineer Consultant Kennedy MUDIMA, National Irrigation Programme Officer, Zimbabwe Tove LILJA, Associate … Contact Spartan Irrigation by calling (800) 331-1746. After a couple of weeks from the installation date, the only visible signs of your new sprinkler system should be a greener lawn and healthier plants. Hopefully it breaks the boredom even if it is just to let out a groan. In addition to wasting money, a poor hydraulic design will often waste water. We also carefully hand dig in flower beds and around utility markings. The sprinkler irrigation system should be designed properly to achieve high irrigation efficiency. Properly groom, compact, and clean up trenches, holes, and/or vibratory plow routes. Take advantage of our comprehensive sprinkler system repair services by scheduling seasonal irrigation system maintenance with our spring start-up service, summer efficiency program, and fall winterization service. Constructing an irrigation system that will maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape without wasting water. ), The Sprinkler Design Tutorial began in 1995 during a business slow down. Illustrations, charts and spreadsheets will help explain and simplify the sprinkler irrigation design process. OR, 2. let Toro do the irrigation system design for you! The design and operation of sprinkler irrigation systems are presented and discussed in this chapter. Step 1: Gather Information. It will also disperse the water at an even rate and for a predetermined amount of time. 14.2.1 Inventory of resources and other parameters Completion of a comprehensive exam covering general irrigation subjects. Warning:  There are lots of online tutorials and this one may not be your choice and that’s fine. In order to achieve this, overlap the spray pattern. However there are a number of design guides around, both online and in stores, that use outdated design methods. Neatly install controllers and above ground piping to your pump or city water hook up. This website uses both first-party and third-party cookies. Since 1976, Spartan Irrigation has been providing expert irrigation installation and service, along with professional lighting services throughout Lansing, Jackson, and surrounding Michigan communities.Our custom design experience, paired with a staff dedicated to detail, will help give you an amazing lawn. Adjustable arc nozzles on spray heads work very well in curved areas. This allows you to water sunny and shady areas for different periods of time and to water when it is most efficient. Lack of design know-how can also cost the system owner more money because the designer may over-design the system to avoid unknown factors. Back then the Internet was mostly educational works (and porn I suppose) and I figured the tutorial would be a good (education not porn!!!) Gather information. This website is a means of passing along what I’ve learned over the years, and keeping a toe in the irrigation water (pun intended. The pages of the sprinkler system design tutorial follow in logical order. Lack of design know-how can also cost the system owner more money because the designer may over-design the system to avoid unknown factors. Step 2. How do I benefit from an in-ground sprinkler system? While we are centrally located, we also offer our irrigation, landscape lighting, and holiday lighting services to the communities of Lansing, Jackson, Southeastern Michigan, and all nearby areas. Because the rate of water use for drip irrigation is used at a rate of gallons per hour, a drip zone will usually run up to an hour or more, not twenty or thirty minutes like the lawn sprinkler that waters at a much higher rate. I’m retired now, which means I’m not interested in designing your irrigation system.

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