Nathan: Hey, Alicia? The desire and decision to ‘dance his own steps’ at the ballroom dancing competitions first appears at the beginning of the play where Scott Hastings and Liz Holt get boxed into a corner of The Southern District Waratah Championship Hall. Alicia: Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. Piu: No, why? What’s your hobby? ... You need more exercise to stop your body from tiring out, and you need to keep in touch with your friends who support you and keep you in a positive frame of mind. Dialogue between two friends on importance of studies: Rima: Have you read today's newspaper? Short Dialogue Between Two Friend. ... Write a dialogue between two friends about the uses and abuses of Internet. Imagining a situation where two friends would be talking about something can be challenging. This shows if you study properly, it will give you everything you deserve. Neha: I am fine. Neha: Waoo, that’s cool. Student Conversation about Stress Management . I have to work and study, so I probably only get about four or five hours if I'm lucky. First you need to figure out what’s going on with friend A and ditto for friend B. Thanks for asking. Example Conversation 1. Rima: There is a news about a girl who has become IAS, is a daughter of cobbler. The first example conversation takes place in person between two friends (Otto and Willi) who have not seen each other for a long time. Explain how dialogue with others has influenced his decision. Piu: That is amazing. Rima: Yes, it helps in meeting the objectives of life. Tanisha: I am good, what about you dear? Hey, I want to know about your hobby. Small talk can happen with close friends who you see regularly and with friends you don’t see as often. course of his dancing career. Tanisha: My hobby is gardening. So have you got any garden … A Dialogue between Two Friends about Their Hobbies Read More » Here’s an example of a conversation that could happen between two friends who know each other pretty well. If it’s just a discussion, then there’s no point to the scene, is there? A Conversation between Two Friends about Their Hobbies Neha: Hi Tanisha, how are you? Conversational English is very different from English you would use for a written assignment, or from English you would read in a book or on a news website. Conversation #2: Meeting Up with a Friend at a Restaurant. Digital STUDY Center.

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