( Log Out /  Unfortunately, that does not necessarily mean it is the best option to support your message and drive the action or engagement you are seeking from the recipients. Another “vague” specification that is a big change from the “images should be square, in .jpg or .gif format, max. It is the Version, which has a x.0 for a published article and a x.1 for an unpublished article. Employees will have one place to search to find all current and historical company content. Of course there is the Site Usage page in the Site Contents, but that is for all of the site, not so much for News. So this means links will keep working, which is good. Once a new employee receives permission to view a SharePoint site, they will have the ability to read all previous news. If you really want to make it “stick”, use it in a non-grouped view. This is a great way for users to catch up on news that they may have otherwise missed. Email is not a great platform for collaboration as group conversations can quickly grow out of hand with superfluous messages of acknowledgment clogging your inbox from essential messages. A site specified as organizational news will have a signifier in the site title - it appears in a highlighted box - helping these news posts to visually stand out as different. And please note that this order goes for this web part only! As your organization shifts to sharing news as it happens, you may want to help the organization spot the top stories from the past week, month, etc. For official Microsoft content, see Microsoft 365 documentation. One of our project teams wants to keep their audience informed with a Newsletter, and we decided to give the standard SharePoint News option a try. (trust me, I tried ) And also remember to click “Apply”! And then I am not even talking about the body text! It feels like one-way communication, as we actively avoid the dreaded "reply all" which would spam our colleagues' inboxes. In your Site Pages library, click on “Add Column” and then “Show/hide columns” at the bottom of the popup. Darn, a number 16! That makes it easy to make it available for everyone who is not in the distribution list for your News digest, but it can make it difficult to know what is what. A news digest is a selection of specific news stories, which can be across site collections, that you may order and add a personal message to. Drag and drop the News Article (s) you want to keep in the same place, to the desired place (s) and click the x top right. We’ll begin rolling this feature out in the next few days. Deleting the page has the same effect, but the article will be gone, of course. The ability to embed content directly into the news post reduces any friction for your audience to consume the content, removing the need for them to explore additional links and attachments. This will be useful if you want to keep one (or more) important News article visible for some time, without it being pushed off the page by more recent articles. Microsoft help for the News web part. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but just so you are aware! We have various options available in News Digest, such as – “Reply | Reply all | Forward“, “Go To Site”, “Get the SharePoint Mobile App” along with selected news References Create and … I could not find it in some older posts in different site types, for instance. The traditional emailed newsletter requires a lot of administrative work from one person or a small team to gather updates, centralize, format, and share. The canvas allows for much richer communication than what you get out of the box with an email in Outlook. This can be different from the Created date! The SharePoint auto-news digest feature sends an automated email to users about the latest news posts that are relevant to them, but that they may not have viewed yet. This is an open-source article with the community providing support for it. My Communications colleague helped the project team out with their first efforts, but she did not want to appear as the author. By default this webpart (side-by-side) orders automatically, but you can change that. The “i” is a very thin letter and you will get more in the same space if you only use that one (for instance 100 on the SharePoint homepage and overview)  the “m” and “w” are wide letters and you will get fewer in that space (for instance 27 on the SharePoint homepage and overview.) SharePoint Online news digest email is a new Office 365 feature. Since the advent of email, the most common way most organizations have shared news and updates to the entire organization at once has been through emails to a org-wide distribution list. Delivering this news digest to email inboxes also captures some your colleagues who may be transitioning to this new process for sharing company updates. It is a long and thorough post, and a little bit beyond me at times, but my Communications colleague, who is an expert photographer and editor, understood it very well. It is a tad annoying as I think black would provide more contrast in many cases. In addition to all the value adds for improving the content of your communications, SharePoint news appears across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem ensuring it is front and center as employees navigate SharePoint and Teams to get their work done. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It is a shift for the teams managing news to coach-and-enable instead of gather-and-curate. Click “More” from the popup and then “Unpublish”. It took until the next day before the News was shown on my SharePoint landing page. By default this webpart (side-by-side) orders automatically, but you can change that. Shifting to empowering your site owners to share news from their sites as the updates occur will provide information to your organization at the speed we are now used to receiving it in the outside world - near instantly. Office 365 Update: SharePoint Online news digest Email Posted on March 25, 2018. SharePoint news, available in SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2019, enables you to communicate company updates, announcements, personnel news, and more in rich layouts with graphics, links, and embedded content. And…creating the News digest also generated some questions and insights. From the full list of news articles on your site (click "See all" from the news web part), select specific news items, add people or groups on the To: line, add a … In organizations where news is heavily vetted before sharing across the company, you may want to create communication guidelines and style guides to ensure the messaging is consistent across departments. If we replace the name of my colleague in the article header (this is called the Author Byline) by the project manager’s name, HIS name will appear in all places. It makes therefore no difference for the order of appearance if you change the article after a few days. You can find SharePoint News in the following places: The site where it has been published The site overview (click "See all" on the… As Microsoft 365 continues to expand capabilities and offers us multiple communication channels to use, it may be time to shift your communication strategy to leverage alternate solutions like SharePoint news to increase employee engagement. This feature also comes with an “All news” page where you can access and search previous news. Tracy van der Schyff: Creating banners for your online SharePoint pages. Your newsletter process now supports sharing news as it happens and following up with the most important updates via email to ensure key messages were not missed. Then select the “Promoted State” column to add to the view. This access also enables site owners and members to take ownership of communicating updates and news to the company by creating news posts on their sites.

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