Topics include tips on using the cam and dowel fastening system, how to install and adjust doors, and information on tools and assembly times. If you need assistance or want to learn more, please contact our award-winning, Ohio-based customer service team at 800-523-3987 or Inserte un BIELA DE EXCÉNTRICO (8F) en la CARA DE CAJÓN (L). Wardrobe/Storage Cabinet HomePlus Collection | 411312 NOTE: THIS INSTRUCTION BOOKLET CONTAINS IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. Table of Contents Part Identification Hardware Identification Assembly Steps Assembly Tools Required 2-3 No. å NOTE: The DRAWER FRONT BRACKETS are marked "RH" and "LH" for easy identification. å Apply the WARNING LABEL (NN) to the left DOOR (H). Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? 2. QQ BLACK 9/16" LARGE HEAD SCREW (2 used for the ROD HANGERS) W Long finished edge A Roller end B Long finished edge Roller end 3S GOLD 5/16" FLAT HEAD SCREW (4 used for the CABINET RAILS) www.sauder. Move the DOORS up or down to the desired location. It means a video assembly tip is available at Step 1 å Assemble your unit on a carpeted floor or on the empty carton to avoid scratching your unit or the floor. Tighten the mounting screw after making adjustments. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. å NOTE: Please read the back pages of the instruction booklet for important safety information. O2 Arrow 1F Page 16 411312 www.sauder. • El mobiliario inestable puede volcarse. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required. ADVERTENCIA Por favor use el mobiliario correcta y seguramente. • Risk of injury. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! PLEASE READ AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. And, you know, your arms. Empuje los MANGUITOS DE GOMA (MM) sobre las ESPIGAS DE METAL (LL). Step 17 å Fasten the SAFETY BRACKET (AA) for added stability. Assembly instructions for many products are available for you to download. å Fasten a LARGE PULL (GG) to the DOOR (H). å å Fasten the BACK (E) to your unit using the NAILS (UU). Use four GOLD 5/16" FLAT HEAD SCREWS (3S) through holes #2 and #4. å Fasten the PULL (HH) to the DRAWER FRONT (L). å Fasten a DOOR (H) to the LEFT END (B). PASO 1 PASO 7 NOTA: No apriete los SUJETADORES TWIST-LOCK® por ahora. Freestanding Wood Laminate Wardrobe with Storage Cabinet in Dakota Oak. Step 5 å å Push the DOOR STOP (BB) into the hole in the TOP (C). Push the RUBBER SLEEVES (MM) over the METAL PINS (LL). Carefully cut out the hole if needed. Before fastening the DOOR to your unit, be sure the mounting screw is against the stops as shown in the diagram. Use the screws in the HINGES. You should be able to read the label when the DOOR is open. Step 3. sauder wardrobe sauder furniture sauder wardrobe white sauder armoire sauder wardrobe. å Repeat this step for the other door. x 71-1/8 in. *** The INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT CORRECTLY explain how to mount the hinges to the doors. Tighten one HIDDEN CAM. Cada paso en español corresponde al mismo paso en inglés. Now, turn an ADJUSTABLE GLIDE (CC) into each PROPEL NUT as shown in the upper diagram. 30S nd 2 BLACK 1-9/16" FLAT HEAD SCREW (5 used in this step) D175 D50 O2 D51 Page 18 411312 www.sauder. English pg 1-22 Français pg 23-25 Español pg 26-28 Lot # 364095 09/09/14 Purchased: __________________ Be sure to give us a ring before making any returns. Fasten the ROD HANGERS (W) to the ENDS (A and B). by Sauder. Remember: Righty tighty. Use four BLACK 1-7/8" FLAT HEAD SCREWS (OO). 1 O2 1st 2 Surface with HIDDEN CAM L Start each screw a few turns before completely tightening any of them. Step 7 å Carefully turn your unit over onto its front edges. Just scroll through our topics for tips on tools, assembly times, third-party assistance and more. • Top-heavy furniture can tip over. Step 2. These handy streaming videos cover the trickiest steps of Sauder ® furniture assembly. 408726 indoor furnishing pdf manual download. Need help? See the next step for adjustments. It means a video assembly tip is available at Step 1 å Assemble your unit on a carpeted floor or on the empty carton to avoid scratching your unit or the floor. Videos. Step 11 å å Turn a CAM SCREW (8F) into the DRAWER FRONT (L). Attention Ne pas relever l'élément dans sa position verticale avant d'avoir fixé l’ARRIÈRE. It means a video assembly tip is available at Step 1 å Assemble your unit on a carpeted floor or on the empty carton to avoid scratching your unit or the floor. Chaque étape en français correspond à la même étape en anglais. Beginnings Wardrobe or Storage Cabinet in Oregon Oak You can find at Here 404002 Features: -Wardrobe/storage cabinet.-Two adjustable shelves.-One set upper shelf. 2 Phillips Screwdriver Tip Shown Actual Size 4-5 6-22 Hammer Français 23-25 Español 26-28 Safety 29-30 Warranty Not actual size Skip the power trip. Color/Finish: -Oregon oak finish. Assembler l'élément sur un sol à moquette ou sur le carton vide pour éviter d'endommager l'élément ou le sol. Coloque su unidad en su posición final contra una pared. Sauder Woodworking Co. (Sauder®) provides limited warranty coverage to the original purchaser of this product for a period of five years from the date of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship of Sauder furniture components. å To begin assembly, push a SAUDER TWIST-LOCK® FASTENER (U) into the large holes in … • Un riesgo de lesiones. Prefer the phone? Do not tighten the TWIST-LOCK® FASTENERS in this step. Coloque el ESTANTE AJUSTABLE (I) sobre las ESPIGAS DE METAL. Step 13 VIEW THE T-SLOT BOX VIDEO å Fasten the DRAWER BRACE (O2) to the DRAWER FRONT (L). Topics include tips on using the cam and dowel fastening system, how to install and adjust doors, and information on tools and assembly times. You may receive extra hardware with your unit. Improper use can cause safety hazards, or damage to your furniture or household items. Use twelve BLACK 1/2" FLAT HEAD SCREWS (SS). I hope the purchase and assembly process was a positive experience and you feel good about the furniture you just built. Tighten two TWIST-LOCK® FASTENERS. Materials, Assembly instructions, Hardware Import Designation Made in US Feedback Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Dear Valued Customer: So, how did it go? Step 3 å Fasten the LEFT END (B) to the TOP (C) and SHELF (F). Are There Any Online Assembly Instructions for Sauder Furniture. Instruction books may also be requested via email. To lower a corner, turn the ADJUSTABLE GLIDE clockwise. Part Identification E C P I B H A F H D51 D175 K D2 D983 D50 L J O2 K VV VV WW WW www.sauder. Inserte las ESPIGAS DE METAL dentro de los agujeros al nivel preferido de los EXTREMOS (A y B). NOTE: The dowel end of the FASTENER must remain fully inserted in the hole of the adjoining part while locking the FASTENER. Wipe dry. L'élément risque de s'effondrer. Sauder is North America's leading producer of ready-to-assemble furniture and is the fifth-largest residential furniture manufacturer in the United States. Pro Tip: Lift with your legs. U F C U U Page 6 411312 www.sauder. HomePlus Collection 29 in. Step 16 å To insert the drawer into your unit, tip the front of the drawer down and drop the rollers on the drawer behind the rollers on the unit. If you are unable to locate the assembly instructions for your product(s) in the list below, do not hesitate to Contact Us.. You may view and print assembly instructions in PDF format by clicking on the product name below. Esté alerto de: Puede ocurrir: Evitar el problema: • Cajones y estantes de cómoda sobrecargados. Sauder Homeplus Wardrobe/Storage Cabinet, Sienna Oak Finish . Sauder also offers free online chat, email and telephone support at (800) 523-3987 Monday through Friday. Customers can request that an instruction booklet be emailed to them by visiting the company's Web site and entering the bar code from the product's carton. å å Slide the FEET (EE and FF) into the notches in the SKIRTS (J and K). Look for this icon. Set the ADJUSTABLE SHELF (I) onto the METAL PINS. å Make equal margins along all four edges of the BACK (E). Video search results for wardrobe-assembly-instructions. The bottom single drawer provides hidden storage. Call 1-800-523-3987. Assembly required; Dimensions: 46 3/8" W x 19 1/4" D x 71 5/8" H (117.8 x 49 x 182 cm) Max shelf weight of 25 lbs (11.34 kg) Max rod weight of 40 lbs (18.14 kg) • Overloaded drawers and shelves can break. Para comenzar el ensamblaje, empuje un SUJETADOR TWIST-LOCK® SAUDER (U) dentro de los agujeros grandes del PANEL SUPERIOR (C) y del ESTANTE (F). Refer to the instructions for hole locations. Includes: -Storage behind doors includes garment rod. They say to mount the whole hinge assembly to the doors, then mount the "hinge-and-door assembly" to the cabinet walls in one big chunk. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. Faire tourner une VIS D'EXCENTRIQUE (8F) dans le DEVANT DE TIROIR (L). 411312 Use estas instrucciones de ensamblaje en español junto con las figuras paso-a-paso provistas en el folleto inglés. å Fasten the DRAWER FRONT (L) to the DRAWER FRONT BRACKETS (II). La pièce devant être attachée à l’élément est représentée en gris sur les schémas de chaque étape pour plus de précision. ÉTAPE 11 ÉTAPE 15 Ne pas serrer l'EXCENTRIQUE ESCAMOTABLE dans cette étape. å To begin assembly, push a SAUDER TWIST-LOCK® FASTENER (U) into the large holes in the TOP (C) and SHELF (F).

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