The Samsung Q90T is at the top of Samsung's 4K TV line, but it looks less like a flagship than the Q90R from last year. It's actually the FALD panel that makes Samsung Q90T so incredibly versatile. While 4K HDR content looks as amazing as you'd expect on this TV, the HD SDR isn't bad either thanks to the Samsung Quantum Processor 4K. Considering the Q90T lacks the Q95T’s One Connect box, it’s interesting that the two sets are dimensionally identical. It certainly skews a little more red than is truly neutral and, while that makes for a pleasant balance most of the time, skin tones can occasionally look just a touch off. What is QLED? Essentially, we’re talking about OLEDs such as the LG OLED55CX and Philips 55OLED805. Kicking off with Blade Runner 2049 on 4K Blu-ray, there is a lot to like about the Samsung’s delivery. The same is true if you say "Show me Apple TV Plus" or "Go to Disney Plus", to which Bixby replies that it can't help you, despite those apps existing on the store. It's clean, modern, and simple. You love TVs that totally hide the wires As opposed to edge-lit LED-LCD, TVs with a direct full array panel enable better contrast thanks to a number of LED zones that can be turned on and off individually. Bath The exception is when the set is asked to produce a small bright object on an otherwise dark image, such as the scene-setting text at the start of the film. Cyber Monday deals: see all the best offers right now! Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? There's nothing worse than having the space-age design marred by the cable clutter jutting out from the back of the screen. You can even turn the set on using your voice, as long as the remote is nearby. The biggest disappointment in terms of specs is the continued lack of Dolby Vision. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Samsung doesn’t release specific numbers, but our understanding is that the Q90T has only around a quarter of the number of zones of the Q90R. Samsung QE55Q80T review; Samsung Q70T. The Sonos Beam and Sonos Arc are the current soundbars of choice and will work well here, or you can go for a full home cinema system if you have the space and budget. Traditionally that’s meant we’ve recommended QLED TVs for folks with bright, open living rooms and OLEDs for folks who have a home theater or light-controlled basement. The bezels are thin on all sides, and the stand is center-mounted, similar to the Samsung Q90/Q90R QLED. It’s similar in many ways to Sony’s flagship X950/X95 Series that can please every AV enthusiast simply because of how many ways there are to tweak and play around with the settings. Despite being less expensive at launch than last year’s Samsung Q90R QLED TV, The Samsung Q90T isn’t exactly what we’d consider cheap. Another example we’ve found in the past is that Bixby thinks you’re saying “Four” instead of “Thor” when searching for the Marvel films. Setting the TV up through the SmartThings app takes nearly as long as it does when you use the remote, and there’s not a huge benefit to using the app if you don’t plan on tapping into Samsung’s smart home ecosystem. If you're the kind of person who hates tinkering in the picture settings or you plan on buying this as a gift for someone less tech-savvy than yourself, we recommend buying a TV that's a bit better calibrated right out of the box. The reason for the Samsung Q90T’s extra girth is that it’s packing a FALD LED backlight rather than a self-emissive panel – but we’ll come back to explain what that means and why that’s important in a minute. No matter where you land on the picture modes, you’ll at least need to tweak Samsung’s aggressive motion processing and judder settings (called Auto Motion Plus) that overprocess slow moving scenes. Connect the TV to the Samsung Health app on your phone and you’ll get up-to-the-minute fitness data that’s tracked across devices. Samsung Q90T 4K UHD TV review: Samsung tweaks an already great smart TV This is an unmistakably high-end QLED with mildly improved image processing. On top of all that, there’s Mobile Multi View with Casting that enables you to see the TV image and your smartphone simultaneously, and Ambient mode, which returns this year and helps your TV blend into the background when it’s not being watched. The opening of chapter two of the film is a challenge too far for the Q90T’s speakers, though, at least when Adaptive Sound+ is switched on. Set aside the comparison with the Q90R and see the Q90T for what it is: an excellent, aggressively priced 4K TV that does things its OLED rivals simply can’t.

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