Seems to be a little more open grained. Bass and Precision Bass all with rosewood necks! Late-1960s Telecasters are not especially rare or collectable – unless, of course, they happen to have a rosewood body and neck like the guitar George Harrison played on the roof of the Apple building in 1969. I have a rosewood neck tele and strat and 2 maple neck teles at the moment. The problem is that it's much different from any of my rosewood fretboard guitars (body wood material, pickups), so I really can't compare it tonewise. I've had countess others of both varieties and tried both types of necks on the same body with the same pups and all else more times than i care to admit. 6th July 2020. In fact, for a limited time you can get the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz. NAMM 2016 - Fender Ltd American Std Rosewood Neck Telecaster Selling one of my all-time favorite guitars, a classic American Tele with a solid rosewood neck. Appearance wise it's quite a bit lighter than rosewood, but evenly coloured. The Fender Deluxe Nashville tele is one of the more versatile teles that Fender has to offer in the Mexican lineup. Die Fender Limited Edition American Professional Telecaster Rosewood Neck Antique Olive ist als streng limitierter Factory Special Run der beliebten Telecaster aus US-Produktion mit einem massiven Palisanderhals ausgestattet, der gemeinsam mit dem Erlekorpus die Grundlage für einen extrem knackigen und präzisen Gitarrensound schafft. 2014 gab es einen, da preisgünstig, schnell vergriffenen Special Run der Rosewood Telecaster aus Fenders Japan Produktion, allerdings ohne direkten Bezug auf Harrison. Maple necks are popular in iconic guitars such as the popular Stratocaster and Telecaster from Fender. The feel is light, slender, and wicked fast. As planned, Fender put the Rosewood Telecaster into production later in 1969, and it lasted a couple of years in the line. The rosewood-and-maple sandwich of the body made for an unusual and heavy Tele, and Fender tried to lighten the load by shifting to a modified construction with hollowed chambers inside. Well Heeled This neck is unbelievably fast and comfortable to play. By Huw Price. The neck contours are a world apart from an old-school Tele. Es folgte 2015 ein detailgenaues und entsprechend teures Remake der Harrison Rosewood Tele aus dem Fender … The neck employs a compound radius (9.5" at the nut, flattening out to 14" up high) and a grip that gradually transitions from C to D shape. Vintage Bench Test: 1969 Fender Rosewood Telecaster. Part of the reason is tone is not just what you hear, it's feel. The rare Antique Olive finish (1 … Mit der George Harrison Telecaster liegt die Neuauflage dieses so speziellen, wie berühmten Instruments vor. A new Fender American Professional Jazzmaster Rosewood Neck Limited Edition model has just been announced and is hitting dealers now. The color is a much lighter yellow-brown hue. Fender’s V-Mod single coil pickups have all that legendary Telecaster tone that we know and love. … This features the standard tele features that everybody knows and loves -- the alder body, maple neck with your choice of rosewood or maple, 21 frets, medium C shaped neck, medium sized frets, etc. Maple necks are made from one piece entirely, unlike rosewood, which is layered on top of another type of wood. However, feelwise, it's the same to me as rosewood. The superb sonic qualities of rosewood have long been known to acoustic guitar makers, but rosewood … I have a Warmoth rosewood neck and I tried it on a half dozen various Fender T loaded bodies and never bonded with the look. Just wanted to congratulate you on the deal, but to mention to the readers that, IME, if the a maple neck of a certain set of dimensions weighs 500 grams, then the rosewood neck of matching dimensions will be 600 grams. There’s the comfy body bevel, and the modern neck-body joint with its asymmetric plate.

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