That will be a real bi!ch on a lefty headstock - the buttons are harder to get to on the fly. The unique string tension created by the reverse headstock, combined with the scorching tone of reverse staggered pickups, replicated that distinctive sound. seth.lucasmicrophone. I never realized that he and Jimmy Page went … seth.lucasmicrophone. 22 Frets maple Reverse headstock right hand Electric Guitar Neck Yellow Glossy Guitar accessories parts musical instruments US $65.55 / piece Free Shipping | 1 Orders . Left-handed headstock on right-handed strat Left-handed headstock on right-handed strat. Shop5382217 Store . 1 Orders . Just wondering if there are any benifits of a reverse headstock. Ships within 3 business days . Add to cart. The world isn't fair to lefties, even when they're rock gods. 2,408 2,284. I have an Epi Firebird and want to install either some Schaller or Planet Waves locking tuners to help keep tune with the tremolo. I have only one coffee pot, but I have a reverse headstock Tele project and I find the sound is more different than better or worse. It's a great flick, btw. With a normal headstock, the low strings bend more than the high strings, so the chords go out of tune as you bend. Possibly more significantly on a strat, it changes the way chords are bent with a wammy. Platinum Blonde. Jimi Hendrix had a hard time finding left-handed guitars, so he flipped over and restrung standard right-handed Fender Stratocasters. Forget about behind the nut bends, though. I make subtle tuning adjustments constantly on trem Strats on occasion. Reverse Headstock - Compound Radius - Maple Fingerboard quantity. CBS Strat ® style replacement neck features a reversed headstock, compound radius, and maple fingerboard fitted with 22 medium frets. With a reverse headstock, the strings bend in a more similar way with a trem - well it sounds different anyway, maybe not exactly in tune. Post Oct 07, 2018 #1 2018-10-07T14:10. share on facebook; share on twitter; share on pinterest; Product Overview Msrp $180.00 Neck & Tuners. Strap and cable included. Pretty much all I do now is play guitar and drink coffee. Musical Instruments Station. Somewhere back in the late '60s, there was a left-handed guitar player who played a right-handed Strat upside down. Reverse headstock electric guitar neck maple 24 Frets JACKSON style US $65 / piece. 2,408 2,284. My wife and I watched the recent Jeff Beck documentary the other night, after having seen him this summer.

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