4. Request PDF | Religion, Poverty, and Development | This article serves two purposes. Methodology The study is drawn based upon library research. analyses the issues of war and peace, wealth and poverty, spirituality and its relation to economic growth, charity and business, sharing and private property, liberality and initiative, and much more. The avenues by which religion influences development activities in different faiths and regions are haunting in their complexity. 5. Index Terms—Poverty, causal attribution for poverty, religion and poverty. Although salvation is not the sole answer, the church is better equipped than the government to meet the psychological and spiritual needs of poverty-stricken people. Survey data collected in 1993 from a sample of southern Californians are used to test whether several religious affiliations (Protestant, Catholic, Jew, “other religion,” and nonaffiliation) shape beliefs about poverty after controlling for race/ethnicity, SES, gender, and age. A Jamaican scholar of gender studies decries the feminization of poverty, while a Nigerian ethicist and lawyer argues that the protection of human rights must factor into efforts to overcome poverty. Religion and Poverty: Ritual and Empowerment in Africa and the African Diaspora / Linda E. Thomas and Dwight N. Hopkins 128 The Bible and Poverty in African Pentecostal Christianity: The Bosadi (Womanhood) Approach / Madipoane Masenya 152 The Struggle for Full Humanity in Poverty-Stricken Kenya / Nyambura J. Njoroge 166 Part 4. Religion is no panacea, but aspects of it can complement as well as motivate development. religion adopts to combat poverty. Poverty is as much a psychological and spiritual problem as it is an economic problem, and it is in this realm that the church can be most effective. First, it introduces the forum that follows in this issue on religion and development. It can also obstruct or undermine. Some focus on poverty, some on religion, others on their intersection, and still others on social change. The literature is likewise rich and varied. The Ambiguous Relation of Religion and Poverty Poverty … A number of references were used to discuss the main concepts and complementary relationships between anthropology and religion, between religion and development, between anthropology and development. In Religion, Wealth, and Poverty, Father James V. Schall, S.J. I. I. NTRODUCTION “All of us are continuously faced with the problem of deciding whether what happens to us is contingent on our own behavior and can be controlled by our own actions or whether it depends upon luck, the intervention of powerful others, or influences which we cannot understand”[1]. Request PDF | Religion, Race/Ethnicity, and Beliefs about Poverty | Objective.

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