Posted by 1 year ago. Don't let your limitations stop you from making music. Reply. Try things out and do whatever you think sounds best. See Tchad Blake method for more technical breakdown. And a decent room doesn't hurt. I would put the 57 on your snare and the 58 can be used as a bass drum mic but you should look into getting a specialized kick mic like the AKG D112 or the Shure Beta/PG 52 other people have mentioned. I'm guessing most bass drum mics will be dynamic as well, with all that air? The 57 makes a great snare mic, though! And SM58 will never get you top results for it no matter how good you are at mixing. Or just place them in two completely different positions in the room. Performance is most important. Thank you. If the room your recording in is really good acoustically then you should be able to get a good should sound but placing the mic near the drums head, facing thr mic doen towards the snare. If any one thing sounds particularly bad, you can’t just go in and fix it in isolation. My recommendation for it to sound good: buy more mics. You can even use them as a hammer if you need to, but don't. Ha, at least one of them is useful! And do you mean crank the gain on a preamp/mixer/whatever the mic is going directly into, or in post? Won't get a lot of cymbals this way, tho. Those two are the most versatile mics you can buy and should serve you well in recording anything. Then you pop that/those condenser(s) overhead instead of one of the Shures and you're golden. Or you can try setting them up in an XY pattern or try an ORTF setup. share. Dynamic mics like those will not do a very good job of picking up the sound of the whole kit. Point it at your drummer's right knee. I'm trying to record a kit with just one sm58, any recommendations on how to make it sound good? That really is an epic drum sound, but I'm sure the huge height of the room made a big difference. It won't be perfect, but it's definitely a good way to get started. Samson makes one for around $100 and it actually sounds OK. OR - you could get yourself a cheap used mic, like the aforementioned Shure SM58, and get the BLUE Icicle - which is a XLR-to-USB interface/adapter. The important thing is playing with mic placement if you're only using one dynamic overhead. Not only is this microphone known to be the standard in live performances, but It’s also … Sennheiser e835 vs Shure SM58; Read Before You Buy! Or if you have any tips for mic placement or anything else to get the best sound out of these. Whether you're happy with the sound will depend on what you're going for. For all other tracks I still shoot for the same levels. The 57 and 58 are basically the same mic but with a different screen on them. I just need a way to make my drums sound good on recordings. Hope for the best. I’ve pulled it off. Record drums with this one weird trick! I’ve done it a million times . That's it. because i don't want to spend loads of money on multiple mics. Point the mic somewhere between the kick and snare. It will never sound good. The humble SM58 will often sit in a busy mix more naturally, without requiring so much EQ. I know this isn't the answer you want to hear, but you're going to need to invest in more/better tools in order to get a quality result. The room I'm in is pretty small. Read More » Watch for phase issues if you use more than one overhead mic... generally a good rule to just keep them equidistant from the snare. I am struggling with recording acoustic guitar with SM58. Here is a real life example from Sound On Sound's recent interview with electronic duo, Goldfrapp: When recording their latest album "Tales of Us", much of the acoustic guitar and many of the vocals were recorded using an SM58. You'd really need a condenser microphone to do any good one mic drum recording tricks. Point taken. Really depends on your acoustic situation and the sound you’re going for though. But IIRC the drums that Claypool played on Holy Mackerel were recorded that way. Yes, do this, until you get your hands on a condenser or two. You can EQ bass drum and snare to sound good and the rest should follow good enough ! Actually I've never tried this but I hear it does work: The SM58 goes on the drum seat, halfway under the drummer's crotch. I guess it's going to be a slow gear build up again, then I'll have to buy a house.

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