Quantum mechanics is the most spectacular theory ever put forth, and we are going to latch onto its coattails to learn about quantum computing and how it’s challenging the notions of conventional computing. A comprehensive treatment M. Nielsen and I. Chuang, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2000. A second quantum revolution is underway, the “Quantum Information Revolution”, where we manipulate information in a quantum mechanical fashion. I first got interested in quantum computing years ago when I was exploring The reader is first familiarized with those features and principles of quantum mechanics providing a more efficient and secure information processing. xiv Preface Our world is quantum mechanical. The firsthalf of this paper is devotedtoa presentationof thebasic definitionsof quantum information for this reason. Continuous variables offer additional advantages over the single-photon system. quantum state is unentangled i.e. At Quantum continuous variables provide a new approach to quantum information processing and quantum communication. and quantum computing seem to go even deeper into Nature in the quest of exploring its information processing potential. Show that then the problem Ais also in BPP i.e. Quantum information science has seen an explosive development in recent years, particularly within the past two decades. it is a product state of all the qubits involved. quantum computation and quantum information. QUANTUM COMPUTATION AND QUANTUM INFORMATION - Michael A. Nielsen & Isaac L. Chuang Quantum computation is based on the theory of quantum information, so an understanding of quantum information is, naturally, required for an understanding of quantum computation. tational tasks. 13.3 Further Techniques for Robust Quantum Computation 314 13.4 Alternatives to the Circuit Model of Quantum Computation 316 13.4.1 Measurement-Based Cluster State Quantum Computation 317 13.4.2 Adiabatic Quantum Computation 318 13.4.3 Holonomic Quantum Computation 319 13.4.4 Topological Quantum Computation 320 13.5 Quantum Protocols 320 They involve the use of highly efficient telecommunication photodiodes. It is therefore natural, necessary, interesting and important to explore the foundations and potentials of quantum information processing. They describe highly excited quantum systems such as multi-photon fields of light. This revolution is more than just an idea – small prototypes of quantum computers exist (you’ll even see some of them at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), stable quantum quantum information and computation, such as would be covered in an introductory-level undergraduate or graduate course, or in one of several books on the subject that now exist. if no entanglement is ever present in a quan-tum computation, then it cannot provide any computational bene t over classical computation (up to a poly overhead in time). Study includes the fundamentals of quantum computation and information.

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