hen I’m in trouble and my faith gets down, I open up my journal and read my list that shows the goodness of God in the land of my living. ; it is what I desire: to dwell in the house of the, all the days of my life, gazing on the beauty of the. Instead, it is a God-centered confidence. IV. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, http://www.patheos.com/blogs/jimerwin/2014/12/08/no-fear/. )The gathering time of soulsD. This fear may arise from remembrance of past sin. We are gathered together in one waiting hall in the station of time, and those sky doors have yet to be flung open, and the voice of God, the last trump, is to burst on every mortal ear, and companies and groups have to separate and gather according to their destination for eternity. How can this be answered, seeing we are sinners? Spurgeon. An entire company of lost souls! THE GOOD MAN RECOILS IN HORROR FROM BEING ASSOCIATED IN DESTINY WITH THE WICKED. Waves of homesickness pounded her like a churning surf. Yet, sometimes we don’t see God’s will because we don’t look for it. Note: (2) The individualizing care of God. And even now, when God comes to punish a nation, the Christian has to suffer with the rest. He says, “One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek.”. But it will not do: it will not do. Faith soliloquizes. David’s prayer is a prayer of humble submission to God’s will. “Though an army deploys against me, my heart is not afraid; though a war breaks out against me, still I am confident.” (Psalm 27:3, HCSB). With no sort of sinners can the child of God be hail-fellow. She fell ill, and in the infirmary she read through the Psalms, finding comfort in Psalm 27:10—When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the Lord will take care of me. 13; literally, "Had I not believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living...") The sentence is unfinished. And all that God has been to our fathers, he will be to us - our Light, our Salvation, our Helper, our Strength, our All! 1). 4. I. 6, Hebrew). Sometimes we spend so much time talking about what’s wrong in our lives. You cannot tell in the waiting hall what passengers are bound the glad one way or what passengers are bound the sad other way. love will no base fear endure;Love Jesus! The thought is," What would have become of me?" When we realize the glory of him whom we believe, there is no bound to our delight and exultation; and at such times we can laugh in defiance at our foes; yea, "smile at Satan's rage, and face a frowning world." "Who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good?" I. But it will not do: it will not do. Wheresoever men open the heart to God's invitation, "That greatness which is infinite has room. Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Patheos’s Partners. Boston, D. D.), I. 2. If we would not be gathered with sinners at last we must break off from them now. (Ver. The rest of the psalm speaks of his enemies and trouble. There is much fear and concern not only about the future, there is fear of the here and now. and of conquest rest secure. “Do not hide Your face from me; do not turn Your servant away in anger. To each and all of us God says, "Seek ye my face." For Ruth, it was a brutal parting, and she earnestly prayed she would die before morning. It is so wonderful that there should be any such sound from God to the sinful heart - any sound so tender and sweet. It is an infinite mercy to hear the sweet whisper of God to the heart, "Seek me." A week later she was settling into her spartan dormitory. How sinful and, foolish to incur the risks of life ourselves! The soul is separated from the body at death and goes to its appointed place, which is separate from that of saints. There they see the "beauty" of the Lord; i.e. 2 David Jeremiah, God, I Need Some Answers: Life Lessons from the Psalms (Study Guide) (San Diego: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2005), 116–119. She was thirteen. Faith rejoicing in Divine companionship. The experience of those who fling themselves on God's care and love is that he manages as beautifully and precisely for them as if he had no one else for whom to care. All of these principles are available to you just like they were to David. Why? And all that God has been to our fathers, he will be to us - our Light, our Salvation, our Helper, our Strength, our All! 1). Do you not envy the fraudulent merchant counting his gold, his purse heavy with his gains, while he himself by his craft is beyond all challenge by the law? When you measure your trouble against others, you might be depressed; but when you measure your trouble against the greatness and magnificence of God, that’s a great thing. The last thing a Christian needs to give up is community. I remember when Rose, Ramón and I went through Hurricane Andrew back in 1992. Psalm 27:1-6 . (Ver. The revelation of God which is implied in this psalm is one of exceeding tenderness, richness, and glory. The rest … Only trust in the Lord, and do right, and one by one you will see your foes stumble and fall, and you will be left in possession of the field, more than conqueror, through him that loveth you.". Coming with timely aid in every emergency. A. David tells us the principles in Psalm 27:1-6. He hath said, "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." Here passengers for heaven: there passengers for hell. The. Yet, he enjoys being in the presence of God. How do we handle the difficult times in which we live? his grace, his love, his mercy. How fitting the prayer, "Gather not my soul with sinners. Wait for the Lord.” (Psalm 27:14, HCSB). It is naturally endowed with an ability to know, serve, love, and enjoy God. Our hearts are so made they can rest only in God; God's heart is such that he seeks a rest in us. Then —, 6. And —(3)That you will lay down measures timely, that year souls be not gathered with sinners there. (Vers. THE GOOD MAN KNOWS THAT THE DESTINY OF THE SOUL IS SETTLED AT DEATH. We can, if need be, cherish something of Luther's daring, and "go to Worms, though there were as many devils as there are tiles on the roofs of the houses;" or, better still, we can say with Paul, "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me." I once read a secular management book that suggested writing catastrophe reports. This psalm shares ways in which we can trust God and have confidence in Him to help us overcome our fears. "(John Robertson. It has been a great encouragement to me. Forsyth, M. ( C. H. It is so wonderful that there should be any such sound from God to the sinful heart - any sound so tender and sweet. There are only two groups, and two departures, and two destinations from this waiting hall of time. The saints have a horror of being gathered with sinners, and so, too, have the wicked. Vice in sores and squalor tempts no one. (Ver. I will sing and make music to the Lord.” (Psalm 27:6, HCSB). '"( C. H. But the grandest illustration of all is in the fact (Luke 19:10) of which the whole of Luke's fifteenth chapter is the fullest declaration (still further, see Revelation 3:20). 2; cf. Yonder voluptuary, entering the abode where virtue never finds a place, and indulging in pleasures unworthy to be named in this hallowed house, does he never excite your envy? The hurt and fear and doubt persisted. When the Lord is the Fortress of their life, they are in a citadel that can never be invaded. But dawn came, leaving her prayers unanswered, and she gripped her bags and trudged toward the riverfront. When you are challenged, you may dangers meet,True courage is a fixed, not sudden heat;Is always humble, lives in self-distrust,And will itself into no danger thrust. But forgetting all these inferior gatherings, let us look on to the last great one, which is proceeding every day to its completion As the huntsman, when he goes forth to the battle, encompasses the beasts of the forest with an ever-narrowing ring of hunters, that he may exterminate them all in one great slaughter, so the God of Justice has made a ring in His providence about the sinful, sons of men. Ruth kept busy by day, but evenings were harder. We praise God, but the organ gives the voice-power (see ver. (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2000), 54–55. Do not give me over to the will of my foes, for false witnesses rise up against me, breathing violence. Click here to return to the Sermons page. Yea, God's love and care make them so happy that they must give vent to their joy as with trumpet-song. Praise is not just worship; praise is also warfare. The thought is," What would have become of me?" The LORD is my light and my salvation--whom shall I fear? This sublime, infinitely profound name for God, אורִי, is found only in this passage" (Delitzsch, in loc.). Also, send me the Evangelical Newsletter and special offers. Find Top Church Sermons, Illustrations, and Preaching Slides on Psalm 27. When you are challenged, you may dangers meet, Devote yourself to God, and you will find, Jehovah's Self-Revelation, and Faith's Response Thereto, Jehovah's Self-revelation, And Faith's Response Thereto, The great care and concern now that our souls be not gathered with sinners in the other world, The company and destiny of sinners undesirable.

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