24. Aristotle developed a linear model of communication for oral communication known as Aristotle’s Model of Communication. Wilbur Schramm, a well-known communication theorist, developed a straightforward communications model in his book “The Process and Effects of Mass Communications“.In the model, Schramm shown as Aristotle did, that communication always requires three elements – … The paradigm moved from linear model to complex and two-way model of communication. Linear Model of Communication. To know more about graphical user interface check Advantages and disadvantages of graphical user interface. Linear models assume that language is simply a vehicle for sending information. Communication has both advantages and disadvantages, even when the message is delivered in an effective and clear manner. To design interactive system, customer-oriented communication is used which involves media and collaborative process between technology and people. Very simplistic model- does not account for the social, bio and environmental factors. Linear Model of Communication The first model developed to explain the communication process was the linear model of communication (see Figure 1.1). The linear model of communication is an early communication model created by Shannon and Weaver which visualizes the transfer of information as an act being done to the receiver by the sender. Effective communication removes the guesswork from any message. Interactive operating systems can also get input from the graphical interface. The Benefit of Interactive Learning . Finally, we delve into the transactional model of communication, which is a bit more involved than the interactive model. When information or ideas are effectively communicated, audiences don't question the meaning or reasoning. Are there certain disadvantages to an open system of communication that must be considered as well? Below are the advantages and disadvantages of this model of communication: Advantages of Barnlund 's Transactional Communication System The model shows sender and receiver mutual field knowledge. Watch a video of the Master Class with Eric Mazur. Here is a look at the key pros and cons of communication in the workplace. Understanding several key terms is important in order to follow the model. A transparent system of communication can help to solve these problems. Aristotle Model is mainly focused on speaker and speech. Advantage: Good Communication Promotes Understanding. Strength 4. This became known as the interactive model. Weakness 4. Communication is a multifaceted activity, with researchers such as Claude Shannon, David Berlo and Wilbur Schramm proposing different models of communication designed to help clarify human communication. Proposes different methods for managing psychological responses to stressors and has consequently enhanced understanding of the importance of stress-management strategies. Eric Mazur, Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, knows all too well that a lecture on physics could put most people in a classroom to sleep. This is considered as the first model of communication and was proposed before 300 B.C. • Schramm saw communication as a purposeful effort to establish a commonness between a source and a • receiver. By Jill Anderson November 17, 2014 . Figure: An Interactive Model 25. 26. These terms are: Sender: the message creator. First model • The first was an elaboration of Shannon’s. What Are the Pros of Communication … Schramm’s models (1954) • In 1954, Schramm provided several models. It is also the most widely accepted among all communication models. Two major models are the linear and interactive models.

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