"The Thinker," I think? Present Mia's Autopsy Report against his sixth statement. The bellboy from the Gatewater Hotel can verify her alibi. There are brief scenes of Phoenix Wright about to get hit by a car, Trucy Wright chasing someone, and a man playing on his harmonica. Both April May and Redd White accused individuals whose surnames rhyme with their own; April May accused Maya Fey and Redd White accused Phoenix Wright. You can choose other response which leads to the same conclusion although a bit silly. Edgeworth will allow the bellboy to be called on one condition — if you can't find a crack in May's alibi, then your client automatically gets the Guilty verdict. Before the cross-examination begins, Maya will pass a note to you. She, too, was surprised of course.". However, we know that's not possible. The Autopsy Report will be updated in the Court Record. After securing the suspect, I examined the scene of the crime with my own eyes. This has brought about a new possibility in the case. Upon finding himself accused of Mia's murder, Wright muses that he never expected that he would be in the defendant's chair himself at some point. Choose "Yes" when the judge asks if you have an objection, then present "The Thinker" to the court. Present the Wiretap. After the first trial, it is Grossberg who comes over to Wright's office to visit him, rather than Wright going over to Grossberg's office. And she hit her with that weapon! Present Maya’s Cell Phone. Mia's Autopsy Report | Type: Reports, Received from Detective Dick Gumshoe.Time of death: 9/5 at 9:00 PM. For Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on the DS, Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by angeldeb82. The remakes for the, When May first introduces herself to the court, the judge tells her off for winking at the courtroom audience. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Edgeworth will present an updated report that claims the victim could have lived for several minutes after being hit. Also, you'll automatically accept this condition from Edgeworth. When you can, present Maya’s Cell Phone. Then the girl in the hippie clothes ran after her…. when presenting White's photograph to her. The medium's involvement was somehow leaked to the papers, and so she was considered a fraud and was ridiculed by the nation, forcing her to disappear from the public eye. Last time we manage to saved Larry's butts and got a not guilty verdict. Th… Edgeworth states that the clockwork might have been removed after the murder, which would mean April could have heard it after all. Final day, Mr.White accused us of being the murderer of Mia Fey. in any version other than the version Wright plays in court). You’ll be given two options from which to choose, but it doesn’t matter which you pick because April will now give an alibi for the time of the murder. She, too, was flabbergasted of course." Check the clock in the Court Record. Afterward, it is shown that the wheel is part of a stand being pulled by a manlate in the evening. I found a memo written on a piece of paper next to the victim's body! You have the option to continue with April May or to call the bellboy to the stand. However, if you annoy the Judge too much, your client will be found guilty and a GAME OVER will occur. This is the Day 1 (Investigation) portion from the Turnabout Sisters case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The man suddenly stops. The next witness is Miss April May. It was made by Larry Butz, so there is no way that April saw it in a store. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney gives you the opportunity to guide Phoenix through five such cases, with several bound together to uncover one of the greatest mysteries of his time.

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