(M.E. (John 14:16). Boring) Benny Thettayil, In Spirit and Truth "The divine Paraclete, and no lessor agency, must show the world how wrong it was about him who was in the right." Daniel B. Stevick , Jesus and His Own: A Commentary on John 13-17 The Holy Spirit is the Love of God who is poured into our hearts (Romans 5:5) who drives out unlovely loves. The early church identified the Paraclete as the Holy Spirit. "The Paraclete equated with the Holy Spirit, is the only mediator of the word of the exalted Christ." This implies that the disciples already have a Paraclete to help them, and that the Holy Spirit is another Paraclete in addition. Jesus ascended to heaven, He promised to never leave us and what He meant was that the Holy Spirit will be with us as our paraclete. A few weeks ago, I gave a sermon on “the Paraclete,” the term used in the Gospel of John to describe God’s Spirit, God’s personal presence with those who trust and follow Him. Elsewhere, paraklētos is used of the Holy Spirit (14:16), "the Spirit of truth" (15:26). Jesus is referring to Himself as the first paraclete, saying that when He leaves He will send them another paraclete – the Holy Spirit. The Paraclete, which in ancient Greek signifies “the comforter” and in Christianity is often used to refer to the Holy Spirit, is also the name of God in the feminine. The Holy Spirit, as our paraclete, means that the Spirit is our comforter and counselor. He is the Lord and Giver of true life who makes utterly clear that so many other things that we regarded as “life” are really death warmed over. This is the role of the Advocate the Paraclete. "The Paraclete represents the Spirit as manifested in a particular way, as a pneumatic Christian speech charisma. The Oratory of the Paraclete was a Benedictine monastery owned by Peter Abelard, near Troyes in the county of Champagne, in 12th century France. Referrring to the Holy Spirit, Jesus says to them, "I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever." Another Paraclete in Addition to Jesus (14:16-17) Jesus says that the Father will send "another Counselor (paraklētos)." Every verb describing the ministry of the Paraclete is directly related to his speech function."

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