Students will identify nouns in a sentence. Knowing when to capitalize can be confusing. It focuses on nouns as people, places, and things and suggests two books about nouns for children: Merry-Go-Round: A Book about Nouns by Ruth Heller and A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun? This lesson plan uses a text lesson to explain important facts about nouns for students. Help your students learn the difference between proper and common nouns with this lesson that has them come up with examples of their own and complete a worksheet to check for comprehension. Explain that “Today we are learning about plural nouns. This lesson serves as a review on which types of nouns require a capital letter. Let’s review quickly. 1st grade For example, a book, a chair, a boy, a girl, a school, democracy, love, fear. Paul Hobson King-chavez Arts Academy San Diego, CA 41796 Views. A fun game solidifies learning. This can be used as a stand alone or support lesson for the More Than One Nouns lesson plan. As you might remember, a noun is a person, place, or thing. This lesson plan is a great introduction to recognizing and forming plural nouns for your kindergarten ELs. This preschool lesson plan will introduce preschoolers to nouns. I introduce this lesson by explaining to students that a noun is simply a person, place, thing, or idea. Students will love designing their own towns while learning about the distinction between common and proper nouns. A common noun is any person, place, thing, or idea. Demonstrate use of some nouns from immediate and extended environment. Students will define a noun. Learning Objectives Lesson: Nouns Introduction. I ask students to repeat the definition of a noun back to me and respond chorally. by Brian P. Cleary. A fun game solidifies learning. Plan your lesson in nouns with helpful tips from teachers like you. 138 Downloads.

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