This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The SuperReps include a unique separation in the forefoot called a “burpee break." Nike Air Zoom Superrep Mens HIIT Class Shoe Cd3460-443 $145.49 - $209.00. Reality is, if you’re an awesome fitness type, you can crush a skater lunge in any shoe (or no shoes at all). Highly Rated. Two days later, the SuperReps answer my biggest question: Can they survive on the Concept2 rower? Add to Bag Favorite. Add to Bag. The Metcon 6 is Nike's Best CrossFit Shoe Yet, ClassPass Live Review: A Great HIIT Home Workout, The Nike Metcon 4 Are the Sneakers You'll Want for Your Next HIIT Workout, Crush Your Next CrossFit WOD With Nike's Metcon 5s. larger design than what I’d typically use for training. My answer: It’s no problem at all, and I’m able to slip out of the rower just fine to do burpees, too. Come January, Nike’s Air Zoom SuperReps will be those group-fitness-specific shoes, and Barry’s just might be a bit more fun. Nike Air Zoom Superrep Mens HIIT Class Shoe Cd3460-060 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. £104.95. . Most people wear running shoes to, say Barry’s, and you’ll find a few people in Metcons, and some people (confession: This is me sometimes) randomly and thoughtlessly in basketball shoes that have no business on a treadmill. They lock down my foot tightly as well. Men's HIIT Class Shoe Nike Air Zoom SuperRep. $209.00 - $275.95. These are training shoes, and because of that, you may think they’re overlapping with Nike’s already terrific Metcons, and the other bajillion training shoes out there. But increasingly, the variability that comes with group fitness is its own specific brand of training, and, truth be told, that’s long demanded a shoe better than a basic running shoe. When you squat and deadlift at a high level, you want a shoe with a flat platform, not an elevated heel — and you don’t exactly want extra cushioning. Your average group fitness class is a big sometimes-beautiful (sometimes-decidedly-not-beautiful, but that’s a story for another day) mess of fitness ideas, an effort to pack a bevy of movements into one hour of work. But the SuperReps are well up to the challenge. The problem: They’re completely unlike the training sneakers I’m used to, with a raised heel (translation: No way am I doing squats and deadlifts in these), a pair of Zoom Air pockets in the forefoot, and, all around, a much . Its extra width around the forefoot creates a larger base than, say, a Metcon, and the Zoom units offer extra cushioning. This content is imported from {embed-name}. . And if you wanted to get super-precise, you’d actually need a different sneaker for each. Nike's Air Zoom SuperReps sneaker will help you dominate. This sneaker is one-sized-fits-all-fitness, ready for any group fitness challenge. If there’s an issue with the SuperReps in general training, it’s the heel. Next. This smooth landing is critical to letting you take your group fitness class on with confidence, and confidence and aggression is everything in these situations. In CrossFit classes, this means fitting the sleeker Metcon or Nano in position, but what about the width of the SuperReps’ forefoot? for the skater lunges. Go to Barry’s with the wrong running shoes, and you’re going through the motions on anything lateral, mailing it in. I’m skeptical. You don’t want to do that. Then we start doing the lateral lunges, and the fast-feet drills, and the burpees. Except even in this situation, the SuperReps aren’t all that bad. The SuperReps are optimized for group fitness in other ways, too. The SuperRep gives you that chance.

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