Or instead, consider dressing the salad without the flower blossoms and then place them on top of the dressed salad. Add the garlic to the hot walnuts which will help to cook the garlic slightly. Check to make sure there are no open doors or windows which might cause the flowers to blow away. I have never heard of Nasturtiums. Use the leaves in place of grapevine leaves where they would be stuffed. Your email address will not be published. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Are you looking for more ways to use your garden produce in the kitchen? I have always been interested in natural foods like plants and flowers and this was very useful! Top pizza with nasturtium leaves in place of rocket. Your email address will not be published. I would haven’t heard of Nasturtiums before but this sound fascinating. The end result is known as a poor man’s capers. } Preserving Jars – keep nasturtium capers and pesto in clean, sterilized jars. Wash the seeds and place in a pickling jar. To dry your own nasturtium flowers, carefully wash the flowers and gently them pat dry. Pour over the seeds. listeners: [], They can start to flower in spring and early summer. But it wasn't until this year that I realized just how easy it is to collect and save the seeds from my nasturtium plants to replant the following spring. They make an impressive garnish. I never thought to use flowers in any foods – very interesting read . Nasturtium is a versatile addition to your garden and your kitchen. I decided to enjoy their beauty instead. For an extra sweet touch, dried nasturtium flowers can be coated in egg white and sprinkled with caster sugar to crystallize. Native to South America, but were brought to Europe in the 1500s and have since naturalised in many areas. Nasturtium is a low maintenance plant with many benefits to the garden. They have been likened to the peppery taste of radish and watercress. Nasturtium seeds are edible. Add the remaining ingredients and blend to preferred constituency; nasturtium leaves, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Nasturtium flowers make a wonderful sandwich garnish. Use them within 24 hours or keep them in the fridge for up to three days if they are to be cooked. A great choice to dehydrate nasturtium flowers for cake decorating. Nasturtium flowers and leaves are very nutritious. Nasturtium Seeds – Grow your own pretty Nasturtium Flowers and try eating the leaves, flowers and seeds. You might not have a green thumb yet, but that’s all about to change! Try these other delicious recipes: Vegetarian Mushroom Cabbage Rolls – Polish Golabki Recipe, Almond Pesto Recipe (With Leafy Green Vegetables), Banana Pancakes – A Naturally Sweet Recipe, Wow! I love their beautiful, colour flowers to look at, smell and eat! And if so, what can you make with it? (50g). Their name literally means nose twister or nose tweaker, because of their peppery kick. This article explores the edible benefits of nasturtium and ways you can make use of this versatile plant in your kitchen at home. Use any part of the nasturtium. We may earn a small commission. Add leaves and flowers to a green salad. Nasturtium seeds are edible. ); event : evt, They are also described as tasting mildly spicy. Since then, I've learned that not only are the flowers edible, but practically the entire plant. Use whole nasturtium flowers to top cakes for impressive edible decoration. callback: cb You can then remove individual flower petals for decorating your cake. Pour the liquid into the jar of nasturtium seed, ensuring all seeds are submerged under the liquid. But can you eat it? In a saucepan, bring the vinegar and sugar to a gentle simmer to dissolve the sugar. It takes a good amount of nasturtium flowers to form enough seed to gather a cup of seeds. (function() { Once the plant is established and happy in the garden, it will self-seed, providing new plants for your food garden every year. on: function(evt, cb) { Your email address will not be published. Chop leaves into a potato salad and/or add Nasturtium Capers (see recipe below). Nasturiums are such a giving plant; they grow easily in the sun, partial shade or complete shade (though they may get stressed in a very hot summer in full sun). A note on flavor: While many articles, books and blogs on the internet use the term ‘mild’ to describe the peppery spicy flavor of nasturtium, there are people who find that the taste nearly knocks them over. Make use of young seeds by pickling them in a brine. If the flowers are too strong for your liking, you can remove the middle of the flower and use the petals only for a milder flavour. Add the bay leaf and any other optional flavor enhances (mentioned above). Required fields are marked *. This site is owned and operated by AJH Trade Group. Hi, I’m Jo, a backyard gardener who grows food. After the liquid has cooled, secure the lid on the jar and keep it in the fridge for up to six months. Nasturtium plants not only put on a pretty display of flowers, thereby making your garden more beautiful, you can also harvest the flowers, leaves, stems and seeds for eating. Earlier in the morning, they will still be plump with water with a milder flavour. Make use of young seeds by pickling them in a brine. For something a little more unusual, dry the nasturtium flower petals and sprinkle them on the cake. I know them both as a cultivated, garden plant and a profuse, common weed. If you use our referring links, it costs you nothing extra. I was inspired by a Matt Preston recipe for this pesto which is amazing in pasta, topping pizza or as a dip. All parts of nasturtiums (pronounced na-stir-tchums) are edible. Pickled nasturtium (Tropaeolum) seeds can make an excellent replacement for capers (which come from a different plant). Nasturtiums contain a good amount of vitamin C and high amounts of lutein derived from carotenoids, which may be beneficial for eye health (1). You can substitute for almonds, macadamias or pine nuts. Add the herbs if using and stir in to submerge. You can blanch the leaves in boiling water before stirring through cooked pasta or simply add them raw and allow them to wilt from the hot pasta. Harvest flowers and leaves in the morning after the morning dew has dried but before the strong heat of the day. Web Development - Paddy Deakin. Or growing your own tomatoes and lettuce to make a salad to go with your pasta dish? Use only the firm young green nasturtium seeds for this recipe. Screw on the lid and leave for 2 weeks before using. Marlene mentioned that nasturtium flowers were edible and that a good way to consume them was in salads. Required fields are marked *. forms: { This step helps to mellow the strong flavor. } I will probably add them to my smoothie. Here I pick them from my wild town garden where they arrived as weeds and I've been loving their colour and flavour ever since. Imagine heading out to your garden and picking fresh basil leaves to add to your pasta sauce tonight? The leaves, seed pods and flowers are all edible. Flowers and leaves have a mild peppery taste.

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