You do not have to be a member of ISOCARP to enter. Perhaps the content is mostly about employee volunteering, so the title is Helping Hands. So what you name it should be consistent with your organization’s values and mission. Just the Facts If the newsletter is more of an informal publication for employee issues or entertainment, it can be more relaxed. In each of these two cases, we ended up with newsletter names but we also engaged our target audiences immediately and generated compelling content in the process. About CATA. and Regional Planners. You will gain insight into what journalists on deadline go through as they do their parts to “feed the beast,” as they say. Maybe even a nickname, something he wishes he could leave at home. We had many duplicates, so the list below represents all of the suggestions (the first entry of a duplicate name would win the prize if the name is selected ….) Please take this REALLY brief survey to Name the Newsletter. "Name the Newsletter" Contest Monday, June 4, 2018 - 10:30am Help us rename the PARTNERS Newsletter! Please email suggestions to Ana Peric, Vice President for Awards, Communications and Marketing, ISOCARP is the international Society of City and Regional Planners. He or she might have an editor or two to satisfy; you could have layers of bosses who will second, third and fourth guess your choice of words before and after publication. The contest begins on Thursday, January 15, 2015. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Be creative! You didn’t forget to name him. Before we worry about content (the subject of another Perfect Circle post on another day), let’s give your newsletter a name. The Advisor 2. (see below ) You will automatically be entered into the “drawing” for a special gift. As a result, he’s going to arrive at his university as a blank canvas, answering only to his six-digit student number. You may enter the Name Our e-Newsletter Contest by submitting your recommendation using our electronic network one of three ways: tweet us on Twitter; post on our wall on Facebook; or send us an email. Keep it simple and direct. Drayer Physical Therapy Institute has grown by leaps and bounds since its debut in 2002. You overlooked one significant detail. and highly-qualified planners from more So in order to engage employees (or customers if it is an external newsletter) right from the start, we like to hold a name-the-newsletter contest. On a few occasions we’ve hit on great newsletter names without input from a client: • For Lobar Inc., a general contractor that specializes in school construction, the name “Lobar Ink” immediately went to the head of the class. ISOCARPLaan van Meerdervoort 70, 3rd Floor2517 AN The HagueThe Netherlands, Laan van Meerdervoort 70 2517 AN The Hague We are looking for a name for our digital newsletter, and we need your help! PARTNERS Newsletter, produced and distributed by the Division of Early Childhood Development (DECD), is being rebranded to increase its appeal to … No doubt, your newsletter will evolve over time: It might go from two-color to four, from four pages to eight. But its name should remain consistent, a steadfast reminder of why you launched the newsletter in the first place. Thanks again for sending in your ideas. Home » Name the Newsletter Contest. We assume no responsibility … The Executive Committee will choose the winner who will be announced in the next newsletter. We’ve developed many a newsletter, and naming them has always been at the forefront of the development process. ISOCARP - International Society of City and Regional Planners, International Planning Organisations Database, Call for Submissions for 5th Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award, The ISOCARP 2020 Virtual Congress continues in December. The Insider 3. Your newsletter should reflect the essence of what your company and its employees represent. Below it was a box announcing a name-the-newsletter contest; the winner received dinner for two. “What’s in a name? If you have a design in mind for the name (e.g., a certain font), submit that as well, but it is not required. Your newsletter should reflect the essence of what your company and its employees represent. The name should be relatively short – two to three words. You may submit as many newsletter name entries as you wish. For Associated Wholesalers Inc., a food distributor to supermarkets and convenience stores, we used another image: “The brown bag at the top of this page is there so you can, metaphorically speaking, fill it with your ideas for what to call this publication.”. Its employee newsletter, Pathfinder, began with just two pages. Consider first what type of content is in your publication. ‘Name the Newsletter’ Contest We are looking for a name for our digital newsletter, and we need your help! Maybe the newsletter features perspectives … Over the next months, we will hold a contest to rename the newsletter. ISOCARP Cyber Agora #2: Virtual Public Planning Participation: Hype or New Normal? And so it is with your newsletter. Who calls the newsletter, “the newsletter” anyway? They will provide us with the information that we will turn into stories, briefs, photos, information graphics. He has first, middle and last names. If you’ve never produced a newsletter, understand that it will challenge you in many ways. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Tax 3392.302L01, WordPress Download Manager - Best Download Management Plugin, International Society of City and Regional Planners. Pick the perfect name. Some examples include: 1. In some ways, your task as a writer/editor for an in-house newsletter is more difficult than that of a journalist. Please email suggestions to Ana Peric, Vice President for Awards, Communications and Marketing, Name the Newsletter Contest Diane Walker, Director of Analytics and CRM For a light hearted end to a productive semester, please take our survey to to include analytics in Fall 2019. We announced the winning name – AWI Connection – in the third issue. All entries become our exclusive property and will not be acknowledged or returned. The submitter of the chosen entry will win a copy of the ISOCARP International Manual of Planning Practice. (Between us, it’s Snoots.). A creative submission will be favoured over another that may hit all these points but is not as unique. Founded in 1965, we than 80 countries worldwide. The Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce 4039.7271 Who’s your daddy?” Entries must be received before midnight on or before Wednesday, January 21, 2015. professionals, bringing together recognised Name the Newsletter Contest. So you’re launching a newsletter, perhaps for engaging with your customers or for cementing a bond with your most important asset, your employees. • For Rutter’s, which traces its roots to a dairy farm, our designer Tim Baker came up with “Moo’s Letter.”. If so, you’ll want the title to emphasize the information-driven content with a serious tone. It should express a relationship to city and regional planning, and you’ll get bonus points for including ISOCARP although this is not required. We’ll want and need to tap the expertise and insight of many if not all of the client’s employees at one time or another. If it endures, it likely will undergo one or more redesigns. Browse 0 Employee Newsletter name contests or hold a contest to get hand-picked name ideas. That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.” Everyone, and we mean everyone, from Districts 1 and 2 are encouraged to submit a new name for OUR newsletter to the Central Service Chair, at For Associated Wholesalers Inc., a food distributor to supermarkets and convenience stores, we used another image: “The brown bag at the top of this page is there so you can, metaphorically speaking, fill it with your ideas for what to call this publication.” Of course, we jest. Founded in 1965, we are a global association of over 700 experienced professionals, bringing together recognised and highly-qualified planners from more than 85 countries worldwide. Content is king – and you are its put-upon subject.

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