On dry hair I thought it was so-so. Click here to learn more! But where to find the mousse that perfect for your specific curly hair needs? This fantastic precision mousse will shape and maintain curls or tightly coiled hair. That’s why we partnered with Moroccanoil to learn more about their brand new Curl Collection. A good hair mousse defines, smooths, volumizes, and hydrates your curls. With the help of curly girl influencer Robyn, we’ve created a morning hair routine that you’re going to love. Say goodbye to dealing with stiff curls. Coil factors define spirals, defy humidity and give memory and energy to bounce back hour after hour. I also just bought the Moroccanoil Curl Defining mousse for $23.20 at Regis and used it on dry hair. View The Best Mousse for Curly Hair Below 1. I will try on soaking wet hair and report back. Regis did say I could return it within 30 days if used and 60 days if not used.The smell, while good, was powerful and lingered. It shapes and tames tightly coiled curls while sealing in moisture to keep curls controlled without the … If that isn’t enough to help you make your decision, we also have a short explanation of what you should be looking for in your product to assist you with your choice. Here we have compiled a list of our top ten mousses for curly hair and why we love them. Mousses are also an excellent option to revive curl definition and fight frizz on days'-old hair without adding in too much product. Here’s where the ... Curly Girl Problems offers you 78 total solutions to the five most common Curly Girl Method problems, including frizz, curl clumps, limp curls, product issues, and scalp issues. Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse is formulated specifically for very curly and tightly spiraled hair. Here are 10 excellent mousse choices for wavy and curly hair. Frizz control. *Please note that not every product on this list is no-poo or CG method approved. Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse will seal in moisture to your hair, keeping out frizz. Curly Girl Producten Kruidvat - De Curly Girl Methode moeilijk en duur? No matter your curl pattern, texture, or porosity level, you know that this nightly challenge is very, very real. Nee hoor, deze Curly Girl producten koop je gewoon bij Kruidvat!

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