Mr. Madrazo... Mr. Madrazo is a legitimate businessman. Despite Trevor having sliced off his ear? He would have had to show him he's truly a psycho. Madrazo could've had a sniper drop him on the spot. Because of this, Martin orders the gang to attack both Michael and Trevor if they enter La Fuente Blanca or Los Santos city limits in endless waves until they exit the ranch or city. Because of this, Trevor bites off Martin's ear, kidnaps his wife Patricia Madrazo and steals his car. Franklin Clinton to Michael De Santa. Both he and Michael are exiled, with Madrazo ballsy enough to have them killed if they try to re-enter LS, but Trevor shows up to his door alone with his wife, and Madrazo does nothing? There is also a trunk-shot in the same mission. He was wrongfully accused of... running a Mexican-American gang and a narcotic ring, but the charges were dropped because of the witnesses came up... missing. What do you think Trevor did with Martin Madrazos ear? In the C ending "The Third Way," Michael and Trevor have their guns trained at each other before Franklin interjects. share. Hes more mouth than … In the mission "Monkey Business," Martin Madrazo is seen with a bandaged, and presumably missing, ear. The pack, meanwhile, comes over at 1'25". How else would you get someone like Martin to fear Trevor so much? Martin Madrazo was a Mexican-American businessman and narcotics kingpin.. Biography Edit. Martin Madrazo must be the least intimidating mobster in the entire series, Im speaking from a single player perspective because I have not and will not play online so I do not know his demeanor there although Im confident its the same. Martin Madrazo was born in Saltillo, Mexico.He was the cousin of "El Estupido" and Javier Madrazo.Madrazo became a criminal in both Mexico and the United States and amassed a fortune through the trading of narcotics such as cocaine and methamphetamine, and he became the head of one of the most … Otherwise if he just cut it off, that wouldn't scare someone like him it would just piss him off and make him want to kill you. In the mission "The Wrap Up," there is a Mexican stand-off between several government agents. It's Martin who leads the break over the summit ahead of teammate Perichon and the Spaniard Madrazo. 2 comments. My theory is that he cut it off and then ate it in front of him.

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