", A strange light blazed into his tired eyes. E. W. Caswell tells this story: "One of two brothers fighting in the same company in France, fell in battle. A Christian woman saw her, and moved by the compassion of Christ, swept up to her and kissed her. 35 By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. Introduction: ILL: Juan Carlos Ortiz led a church in Beunos Aires, Argentina, and wrote a book called, Disciple. A deacon living in a Berkshire tow: was requested to give his prayers in behalf of a poor man with a large family who had broken his leg. If we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. She was soon released and nursed back to health in the Christian woman's home. God showed His great love to us by giving His dear and only Son to die for us. Look at the gauge. ", "How much money would you have received in the States for an operation like this? I just felt sure you would come." //-->. A whole hour they were gone, and finally in dim outline they were seen beating their way back. John, you are the only one left, and if you should perish what would I do? "—Sunday School Chronicle. Christian brotherly love had made a friend and accomplished what no trial before the highest court in the land could have brought about.—Church Management. Jesus says, “A new commandment I give to you”. Thus it was that Peter recognized in Jesus' look the sorrow caused only by one who is deeply loved. The elements seemed to vie with each other to see which one could do the worst. That Christian worker moved into a new experience in Christ, as a compassion for the unlovely possessed her.—The Pentecostal Testimony. The son looked and wept bitterly. At first she could not believe any one loved her. Jesus showed His love for us by giving His life for us. Rev. But, Jesus told His disciples, “A new command I give to you: Love one another. Don't go, John; your mother begs you to stay.". Roughs passed her weeping. William Edward Biederwolf, in Frozen Assets. A poor, degraded woman was being led from the police court. And, because God loves us, we can love our friends, neighbors, and even our enemies. He took her arms from about his neck and said, "Mother, I must go; a man is in peril and I would feel like a coward not to go. Then he said, "Do you mean that?" Peter is writing to believers who are suffering. google_ad_width = 336; Through Love, Serve One Another. She was dirty, full of sin, and sobbing with hopeless distress. But the newcomer said, "Oh, no, you needn't do that. When I crept up to him, and took him in my arms, he said, "Tom, I knew yon would come. Sermon illustrations: Love. Your love for your brother is the measure of your love for God.—S. ... For 36 years Jeno and his wife delighted in one another. But after further pleading the officer consented. We offer … The world will see and some of the world will turn to us for help. It broke her heart. Sermon Illustrations provides sermon illustrations, sermons, eulogies, funeral helps, and counseling aids for ministers. google_ad_width = 336; Even her name, Keodi, meant "Nobody loves me!". A poor, degraded woman was being led from the police court. She told him that she had some poems that she would like to have published in his magazine. She had never been noticed or shown love by a clean woman for years. The one who escaped asked permission of his officer to go and bring his brother in. ", "He's no burden," came the quick reply; "he's my brother.". when the lilies are in full bloom, and—" "Stop, stop, stop," cried the editor, curtly interrupting her, "you are all wrong —very, very wrong. They Love a Fellow over There One Sunday a lady was inviting children to come to Sunday school when she met a boy and asked him... Soulwinning, Love. Both involve a voluntary (I've decided to love you) and involuntary (I can't help but love you) response. Help the saints in their poverty as if they were your own and be diligent to entertain travelers.