Already, many languages only live in the dusty pages of history books. Every time a language is lost the "genetic basis" for such poetry is less rich. According to UNESCO, up to half of the world’s 7,000 spoken languages could be extinct by the end of this century. French lost 129, German 86, and Italian 56. Gavin Brelstaff, Alghero, Sardinia At least we have come a long way from the times when languages were repressed and forbidden in favor of the language of the dominant polical or colonial power. Hebrew was extinct from the fourth century BC to the 1800s, and Catalan only bloomed during a … In rare cases, political will and a thorough written record can resurrect a lost language. Rare and Lost Languages of the World. ... then remnants of a seemingly lost language … Among the 15 most commonly taught languages, only American Sign Language, biblical Hebrew, … That means one language on average could be lost every fortnight, when the remaining elderly native speakers die. The cortical regions that showed greater response to the known language, French, were similar in the adopted subjects and in the French controls. “Lost” first languages leave a permanent mark on the brain, a report this week has found.

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