Plus, not every occupation even requires an office. Q: How do you know your friend is [vegan/paleo/loves kale/does Crossfit]? If you love attending live sporting events, you’ll have plenty of choices living in Los Angeles. These two changes alone make the city far more expensive than it … Actors tend to move around during the day, too, going to auditions and then earning their rent money waiting tables at night. No matter where you hike, trails in Los Angeles reward you with incredible views. Smaller theaters dot the city where you can see up-and-coming performers as well. Thinking of selling your home? Many careers in Los Angeles – from entertainment to fashion – aren’t typical, year-round, 9-to-5 gigs. It’s a very good trade. Unfortunately, the expenses of my house keep me from living a life where I can have friends, go out a few times per month, let alone take a 3-5 day vacation a couple times a year! If the city's population is any measure of how much people like it, then there's substantial evidence that living in Los Angeles is pretty great. For example, people involved with theater plays, films, and television shows work seasonally. That’s why there are as many versions of Los Angeles as there are Angelinos. And, Los Angeles has a ton of them. is a melting pot on a grand scale. Find out what your home is worth in today's market. very low humidity) to the city. Much of the park is untamed, and you can cross paths with wild quail, rodents, spiders, foxes, coyotes, rattlesnakes and deer. Here's a look at the average monthly temperatures in L.A, high and low. “Hey, man, I was going to show up to your party but the swells at Zuma Beach were epic and we surfed past sunset.”. If there’s one city in the USA where having a car is crucial, it has got to be Los Angeles. Getty Center (“The Getty”) is one of the world’s largest art organizations a favorite museum for many Anglinos. Football - Do you like tailgating and spending a Saturday afternoon watching college football? People go to work and go out for a night on the town in jeans. Beaches here are perfect for running, walking, cycling, volleyball, surfing or rollerblading. Now that you know the kind of transportation effort it takes for a night out on the town, let’s talk about the food itself. Here are the big-time postsecondary schools in Los Angeles: When L.A. throws a party, the whole world watches. Pizza? Coliseum or Rose Bowl, their respective home fields. Starting with contact between the area's First Peoples and Spanish explorers in 1542, to the first settlement in 1781, and all the way up to present day, L.A. has consistently grown via an influx of immigrants. The city has a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate. Living in Los Angeles is never dull. Large music venues include Disney Concert Hall (home to L.A. Phil) as well as the very popular Hollywood Bowl and Greek Theatre. You can take a horseback tour seven days a week. Or Paris or London or Tokyo or Sydney or any other city in the world. They share the same home court, Staples Center, along with WNBA team, Los Angeles Sparks. There are a couple more things you need to know about the Los Angeles food scene that set this city apart from all others. The adjoining Port of Long Beach, second in the nation only to the Port of Los Angeles, moves $100B in annual trade. That $25,000 gap (and for millions of citizens, it's much larger than that) means many people are probably not living very comfortably in the City of Angels at the moment. If you’re moving to Los Angeles from the East Coast, you won’t have to give up live hockey. Arriving via airport: there is a Metro Bus Station in Lot C of, The easiest option to get to most parts of the city is to take a taxi. Los Angeles is known around the world as warm, sunny place. You will not find better sushi outside of Tokyo. The dress code here is casual. As a world-class city, living in Los Angeles means you can also get your fill of art, music and culture. Whether you’re moving to Los Angeles alone or with others, it’s important to note that the city is very much car-centric. The tech scene in LA is another driver of economic activity.

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