with NT1000 is: it is hard sounding, doesn't have to be problem on solo sometimes, but making mix of only (cheap) Rode miked things is hell on earth. I use C414 on acoustic guitars and an Audix Adx51 for the neck! Audix ADX51 is a very bright small cardiod condenser mainly used as overheads and not without success. I was looking at the SE Electronics SE5, Rode NT5, Audix ADX51 and Octava MK012-01. They compete with no problem with my AKG 414 XLII on acoustic instruments (compared performs on violin and guitar) and Over head is a rgal finesse and power. The unit is known for being included in Audix drum kits; however, some drummers realized they actually like the ‘sound’ of ADX51 overheads better, and began using them outside the kits in custom setups, sometimes even grabbing them over higher-end and more expensive SDCs with … Hey Guys, About to pull the trigger on a stereo pair of NT5s. They pleased lots of recording artists before RODE created the M5s as a less-expensive option. Compar especially with the Rode NT1 is the day and night, Rode seem tufts, lacking air, breadth, DEFINITIONS. I'm currently using one Behringer B5, so anything is better basically. Rode NT5? Any other recommendations? EDIT/ADDITION: This is for my church; we're upgrading the sound system and I'm trying to price out some new drum mics. With their nickel-plated housings, these NT5 microphones are a little larger and heavier than the M5 pair described above. The NT5s have small diaphragm condenser mics in half-inch capsules. Rode NT5 MP Condenser Microphones for Drum Set, Matched Pair. You'll get very ugly sharp >2kHz and not enough info in let's say 200-700Hz. Also test to record a string ensemble and also all there. I am looking to mostly record acoustic guitar with them, any better ideas? ^ I posted a small comparison of NT5 and Neumann KM184 and KM84... IMO NT5 can be usefull, but... My exp. I want to make sure these are the best I can get for $400.

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