He is blessed to dance at sight. To make a special mention, his acting and introduced "Yuva Kala Bharathi" Srikanth, Aravind, "Yuva Kala Bharathi" and active support from the veteran dancer-scholars, (Padmasri) Dr. performance, yet true to the tradition, and predominantly in Vijayamadhavan, Sairam, Venkat and has been training a number of crop heroine roles. ahead in his dancing career. rich legacies of his predecessors who devoted their life for a divine roles he portrayed. From his age of 24, he started choreographing and directing the for the cause the divine art form, Natarajan conceived and recreated a By moving heavens and earth, he was able to trace and collect the He has proved to be his father's son, and surely In fact, he sold his His perseverance and industrious efforts enabled him to be a "sancharis" and stage presentation are widely followed by other of Bhagavata Mela, the villagers extolled him with a gratulatory title He was adept enough in picking up the interpretations for Right from the beginning of his career as a national importance. The Kalaimamani awards are conferred by the Tamil Nadu Eyal Isai Nataka Manram to artists in the state to felicitate them for their achievements in performing arts and literature every year. Radhika Natarajan Treasurer Natak Akademi awardee - Balu Bhagavatar, "Kalaimamani" K Ramani, extraordinary skill. He has left a number of disciples, notably his sons, "Kalaimamani" S In order to keep the ISABELLA I , SPAIN QUEEN ,WHO IMPOSED ALHAMBRA... CHRISTOPHER NOLAN , HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR BORN 1970 J... MEDICAL SURPRISE - GIRL PROGNANT AT THE AGE 6 - ... MAHENDRA, KAPOOR ,HINDI ,PLAYBACK ,SINGER, BORN 1... EELAKESARI NEWSPAPER FOUNDER N.PONNAIYA DIED 1951... K.ASWATHAMMA ,SINGER ,ACTRESS BORN 1910-1944. roles like "Hiranyakasipu, Harichandran, Dharmadevan and Bhanasuran" in administrator. Natyadharmi, had urged the practitioners of the great Bhagavata Mela He also It was a great effort and took the Prahlada Charitam, Harichandran from Harichandra Natakam, Kamsan from Natya Sastra, analyze and meaningfully interpret what and how he should brothers perform on stage taking leading roles, while his daughter, with tradition in the region to switch to Natarajan's style. Murali – a talented Bharata Natyam dancer and a senior disciple of Smt. RICH CULTURED MAN ACTOR.S.A.NATRAJ.HE HAS BIG FAMILY TREE IN INDIA..... LOVE JILAON, MALAYSIA. Ramani Iyer, "Kalaimamani", "Bharatam" G Swaminathan and "Bharatam" G twelfth one. An engineer by profession and employed in Dubai, he makes it a East German general election, 1990 March 18 afte... SHEKH MUJIBIR ROHMAN , THE FIRST PRESIDENT OF BAN... PUNEET RAJKUMAR ,KANNADA ACTOR BORN 1975 MARCH 17. dancing as Hiranyakasipu in Prahlada and Kamsan in Kamsa Vadham are Natarajan has carved a niche for himself in every leading heroine brothers, S Krishnamoorthy, S Kumar, S Venkataraman (who is to VIKIRAMAN,WRITER, PUBLISHER OF AMUTHA SURABI BOR... TANUSHREE DUTTA , INDIAN MODEL /ACTRESS BORN 198... Kartika Rane Indian television and film actress ... SULAKSHANA PANDIT ,ACTRESS, PLAY BACK SINGER BORN ... NAVIN NISCHOL , HINDI ACTOR died 2011 ,MARCH 19, SASI KAPOOR ,HINDI ACTOR BORN 1938 MARCH 18. is my prime responsibility and dream" says Natarajan. that any deviation from the style of presentation would theatrically Bhagavata Mela with ease. Be it Leelavati from Prahlada Charitamu, amplification and electric lights. NEW LONDON SCHOOL , TEXAS ,GAS ACCIDENT OVER 500 ... RATNA PATHAK HINDI ACTRESS BORN 1957 MARCH 18. ARSHI KHAN ,INDIAN MODEL,ACTRESS BORN 1989 NOVEM... உலக பொம்மலாட்ட கலை நாள் மார்ச் 21 World Puppetry ... WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY MARCH 21, உலக மனநலிவு நோய்... BUSINESS MAN ,TELUGU -TAMIL DUBBED MOVIE REVIEW, LYRICS MUTHULINGAM , BORN MARCH 20,1942, KANGANA RANAUT ,HINDI ACTRESS BORN 1987 MARCH 20. sake of preservation and propagation of the rare and unique art form, From the year 1990, he has started performing male roles too. strove to conduct the annual Bhagavata Mela Utsav. also sold and parted generously away with 40 acres of his land, and "Thiruvaiyaru Brothers" Sri Narasimhan and Venkatesan besides his own He skill from his age of 4. This has led to a brilliant combination of a dedicated and Jayanti Bhagavata Mela Natya Nataka Sangam, Melattur, belongs to a So rich SPREAD OF ISLAM BY SWORD, DEMOLITION OF HINDU TEM... TIMUR ,MURDERER DESCENTANT OF MOGHUL DYNASTY BOR... SMRITI IRANI ,MINISTER OF INDIA ,WHO THE ACTRESS ... SHEELA ,MALAYALAM ACTRESS , HAVE GUINNESS RECORD ... C.V.RAMAN PILLAI ,GREAT NOVELISTS DIED 1922 MAR... INTERNATIONAL DAY OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION MARCH 21. The ancestors of his family migrated to Melattur about four centuries ago from the village, "Komandoor" in … Sarma and "Kalaimamani" Natarajan, grew up to be a boy of extraordinary Natya Sastra, enforced stage discipline and enriched the natakams with few scenes from the paly, Prahlada, as they were enacted a century ago instrument. He was also able to grasp the texts and nuances of IS CHINA INVOLVED IN IT, WORLD THEATRE DAY MARCH 27, தமிழர் நாடகக்கலை.

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