Slider, Blathers, Isabelle, Brewster’s, and more. Everyone’s favorite musician is awesome represented in plush form with the DJ K.K. And you can find it a wide range of sizes for men, women, and children. Brewster’s The Roost Cafe T-Shirt is lightweight, sports a classic fit, and is made of 100% cotton. If you're still searching for the perfect gift for the Animal Crossing fan in your life, look no further — we've compiled 15 charming gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on any player's face. The cutesy social simulation title is beloved by gamers of all types. Fans of the series had to wait quite a while, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally upon us. No player on the planet can avoid a loan from Tom Nook, and this crewneck sweater will drive the point home for your poor, indebted villager. do you love me?” printed above him. Because he’s been so helpful in getting players started, it seems only fitting that your plush collection begins with this 8-inch Rover Plush. Color options include black, navy, royal blue, silver, and Heather grey. Slider, and others. While K.K. If you’re tracking down all the game’s special characters in plush form, Porter is a must. The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch Edition is perfectly paired with green and blue pastel Joy-Cons. 1 Giving Gifts to Friends 2 Receiving Gifts 3 How to Obtain Gifts 4 Notes 5 List of Gifts Gifts are in-game items that can be sent to players on your Friends list. Brewster’s The Roost coffee bar is very much like the Starbucks of the Animal Crossing world. Do You Love Me Parody Socks. The Animal Crossing Important Mayor Stuff Hoodie perfectly imbibes the emotions of Animal Crossing: New Leaf fans. Slider Plush. It takes the franchise’s leaf logo and uses it as the basis for a gorgeous green pendant. We love the simplicity of this design and the charming light blue color, but you can find tons of other options here. Slider blows you away with his tunes, you’ll want to grab some swag to prove you were there. At 7-inches in height, the plush is sizeable, cute, and comfortable. It’s officially licensed and crafted with 100% cotton. It’s crafted with a classic fit to be lightweight. Slider T-Shirt. Available colors include black, baby blue, dark Heather, Heather blue, and pink. If the Animal Crosser on your list loves putting up a Christmas tree every year, this clever wooden ornament will hit the nail on the head. And for some folks, they just want them bells. But you really don’t need other options when you have something as awesome as this. The most common animal crossing gift material is paper. There are sizes available for men, women, and children. In it, you'll arrive on a deserted island after buying a vacation package from Tom Nook. Tom Nook and his Mo’ Bells Mo’ Problems moniker appear on each side of the 100% ceramic mug. Recommended gifts for Lucky. You can also find a plethora of other Animal Crossing themed masks here. It sports a classic fit with a twill-shaped neck. Slider, Brewster, Stitches, Mr. Resetti, and more. The tee is comprised of lightweight fine jersey fabric. And that's kind of the point of this Best Animal Crossing Gifts post. The baddest barista in the land, Brewster, is available in plush form thanks to Little Buddy. It’s not just great decor, it’s also a great way to display why the franchise is so endearing and enjoyable year-round. It was a relationship that seemed highly unlikely given the drastic differences in the projects. Its cover is all baby blue and is spattered with icons from the series for pitfalls, fossils, presents, fruit, furniture, bells, and more. But oddly enough, it doesn’t appear that he’s actually wearing any sneakers of his own. This Timmy Plush from Little Buddy puts the adorable character into a 5.5″ plush form. You’ll never know which one you’re getting though. And there are numerous color options too, including black, navy, baby blue, dark Heather, and Heather grey. The Animal Crossing Cat Characters Micro Fleece Blanket is 80-inches by 60-inches of adorable cat characters from the game series. The artists asks on the track, “Kiki, do you love me? And that’s hard to argue when you take a gander at this gorgeous Animal Crossing K.K. If this Animal Crossing inspired baby onesie isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, you’re lying. Just like the awesome coffee mug, this Nook’s Homes Hoodies pays excellent homage to the series’ bellionaire. It’s lightweight and perfectly crafted to fit in your vehicle’s cup holder. Wearing his employee uniform, the Timmy plush is super cute and soft to the touch. Slider himself jamming on his guitar with the lyrics “K.K. The fashion famous character has a plush of his own which stands 8-inches high in cute brown overalls and a fedora. And the lightweight classic fit t-shirt can be purchased in a variety of sizes for men, women, and children. They’re lightweight with a classic fit, consisting of 100% cotton in the majority of styles. The 11-ounce mug features many of the various neighbors that you’ll encounter within the game’s world. On this list alone, you'll find numerous plushes for the various neighbors you'll find in the game. So browse above and feast your eyes on some of the best Animal Crossing merch you'll find on the web. By Jenae Sitzes on November 4, … If you're looking for Animal Crossing gifts, we've got you covered. This Animal Crossing Leaf Composition Book provides 164 pages of blank canvas for you to draw, doodle, write, or jot down your Animal Crossing neighbor’s likes and dislikes within. 1 Requirements to Invite 2 Friendship Rewards 3 Level Unlocks 4 Related Memories 5 Related Classes Minimum Required Friendship Level: 5 * Crafting this item and completing the villager's special request rewards the player with +10 Friendship … The hat is officially licensed by Nintendo. She stands at 7-inches in height and is designed to be soft and cuddly. It features Mr. Resetti in his natural rage form. The fabric is soft and smooth. And because it’s nice and soft, you can certainly snuggle up with it while it’s not proudly on display. Thankfully, the K.K. The logo itself is available in both green and yellow varieties. On top of that, Nintendo also produced a line of Animal Crossing amiibo cards for use within the series' various games. The Kitties Baseball Cap is available in both white and khaki styles. But individually, he’s pretty cool looking too. You can clean it in the washing machine for convenience. I have also put together an Etsy (handmade goods) list, so make sure to check that out and support local USA businesses>> Etsy Animal Crossing Gift Guide. Which means you can take care of your gardening, decorating, fishing, and loan repayments at home or on the go thanks to the Switch’s versatility. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide. Drake’s 2018 hit “In My Feelings” presented us with a hook that was sure to get stuck in your head for days. And Cafe Press even offers a 100% money-back guarantee should you be unhappy for whatever reason. This Animal Crossing Glow in the Dark Pendant Necklace is a beautiful yet subtle piece of jewelry that any fan of the series will love. If Animal Crossing had a single mascot, it would likely be the Villager. You can have it ordered in either men’s or women’s designs. It seems that with each iteration Nintendo puts out of the Animal Crossing series, Rover has a new role to play.

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