The pollution caused by these waste products could be controlled by adapting to new environmental friendly norms for the industries and by allowing recycling or proper disposal of waste. Question 3. It pollutes our water bodies, land and is also harmful to the health of human and other living species. We should deal with the environment of our earth like our mother because our earth also nurtures us and shelter us. Our lifestyle has also changed. google_ad_width = 300; Write a descriptive paragraph on environmental pollution in 100 to 150 words Ask for details ; Follow Report by Rinchentamang 02.07.2018 Living elements of the environment such as birds, animals, plants, etc are called biotic factors and air, sunlight, water, etc are abiotic factors. What is alternating current and direct current? The animals have endangered, the plants are also dying. The main reason of global warming is the greenhouse effect which in turn is caused due to a large concentration of green house gases into the atmosphere. Air Pollution occurs when particles and other harmful gases generated due to human activities get mixed with the environmental air and causes its degradation. Pollution is destroying nature. People dump all the waste materials in the river and sea, this way the water is also getting poisoned every day. These pollutants are primarily generated from several human activities like transportation, industrialization etc. _taboola.push({ 100 words essay on environmental pollution. The pollutants could include chemicals from agricultural runoff, industrial waste, urban sewage, oil spills by boats etc. Often the production industries are set up near the natural water sources as water is a major resource for several kinds of industrial works. Ever growing human needs and man’s quest for progress is consistently degrading the atmosphere and its elements. These gases are primarily released due to human activities like transportation, industrialization etc. Our environment is our assets, we should not lose the charm of the environment by pollution. The fossil fuel production industry produces harmful gases like SO2 (Sulphur dioxide), CO2 (Carbon dioxide) etc. The main source of liquid pollutants is petroleum and fuel production industries. Motor vehicles are the main source of air pollution than anything else. It is the responsibility and commitment of every soul to preserve and protect our environment from getting polluted. In the following essay we will go through causes, effects and control of environmental pollution. It is very necessary therefore to prevent any damage to the environment and natural resources caused by the human activities. As per an estimate provided by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), 64% of lakes are not suitably clean for activities like fishing and swimming. Water pollution renders the water toxic and natural water resource unusable. Different types of pollutants lead to different types of environmental pollution which we will discuss below. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', Question 2. Moreover, the use of chemical fertilizers in the agricultural industry causes the chemical pollutants to get absorbed in the soil, causing soil pollution. Water is used as coolant and also used for purposes like cleaning, washing etc. Process Writing on Atmosphere In a Railway Compartment: 19. These pollutants are generated due to human activities and could be in gaseous, solid or liquid state, depending on their respective process of generation. We should not cut trees also, then it will make deforestation, and the top portion of the soil will be lost. It refers to a rain or a kind of precipitation that is acidic in nature with more concentration of Hydrogen ions, in other words the pH level of Acid Rain is low. Water Pollution occurs when toxic substances like chemicals, plastic and other waste enters our water resources. Environmental Pollution refers to the introduction of external pollutants into the environment. Apart from the above mentioned effects of the environmental pollution, there are some more severe effects like global warming, floods, famine and acid rain. Every year at least 250 million cases of water borne diseases are reported, which subsequently causes 2 to 10 million deaths. But also the waste produced by industries is dumped into the water bodies resulting in their pollution. Similarly, the industrial waste generated in the industries throughout the world, is carelessly dumped in to the environment due to lack of proper planning and infrastructure. The lifestyle of an individual is one of the reasons for causing Pollution. After going through these environmental pollution essay, you will know the definition of environmental pollution; facts of pollution for kids; types of environmental pollution and their causes; ways to prevent environmental pollution etc. These gases are toxic in nature and harmful to breathe in, when present in the atmosphere in large quantities. Global warming refers to the rise in average surface temperature of earth. /* India Celebrating_300*250_New */ I enjoy being busy all the time and respect a person who is disciplined and have respect for others. It is very harmful to the plants, aquatic species and buildings also. The main pollutant gas emitted when fossil fuel is burned in a transport vehicle are CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and CO (Carbon Monoxide). How types of Pollution are there? Due to environmental pollution, there is an imbalance in nature so many birds, animals, and plants are on the verge of extinction day by day. The picture is air pollution in broadly found in the urban regions rather than a rural area. Essay on Environmental Pollution in 1000 words : In the vast universe, the earth is so far the only planet known to be endowed with an environment that can support life-forms with which we are familiar. Living elements of the environment such as birds, animals, plants, etc are called biotic factors and air, sunlight, water, etc are abiotic factors. This the cause of air pollution. Their valuable lives are also lost. Our natural environment consists of the air, forests, rivers, streams, land, soil, vegetation etc. Use of more eco friendly fuel sources and proper collection and disposal of waste are some of the methods that could be adopted to control environmental pollution. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});