Choose the lyric writing tool from the tool pallet and click under the first note of your melody and proceed to type the lyrics into your music. Initially, I would just draw 6 horizontal lines across a blank sheet of paper, each horizontal line representing a guitar string and then maybe 15 vertical lines for the frets. You can scroll down to just past the middle, or you can directly type the Character Code at the bottom (above the Insert button, and be sure "Unicode (hex)" is selected in "from"): 1d100. You don't need to press tab or enter. Open the Microsoft Word document where you want to add musical symbols to the text. Word includes several music sheet styles in its templates. To type musical notes you press alt + 13 for ♪ or alt 14 for ♫. references & resources Office Online: Draw or Delete a Line, Connector or Freeform Shape Unless you can make Paint or something similar work, specialist software is the only way. To find them, click the "File" menu in Word, select "New" and then type "staff" or "music" in the templates Search field. Is there a way without special music software? I want to create a document with music in it, so i need to make a treble staff and put notes in it. it is the shape of a musical note witl two balls facing the same direction. What symbol is a quaver? For sheet music you will need a solo staff and a grand staff for the piano part. It will automatically take you to the first musical symbol, after which you can see all of them. 2 Click the "Symbol" button on the Insert tab and then select "More Symbols" from the bottom of the menu. ), you are going to need lots of sheets of blank tablature to do your exercises on. If you are a learning guitarist (like me) and you are working through a book like the Guitar Fretboard Workout (like me!

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