Oats Crepes. Either way, everyone will love them! Next Post 5 Healthy Oatmeal Recipes To Meal Prep This Week. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/overnight-oats-recipes (A side thought: "Whole Wheat Crepes" would have been a much better recipe … The original recipe makes a batter that's too dense. 2. Enjoy your no-flour banana crepes with some amount of honey. https://loseweightbyeating.com/healthy-oatmeal-recipes-breakfast-weight-loss Oats are considered a very healthy alternative for maida. Fancy them up with your favorite ingredients, or dress them down for a healthy weekend brunch. It works great as a savoury base as well as sweet base. *Side note: To my knowledge Trim Healthy Mama is the ONLY company who carries Gluten Free Oat Fiber, might I add at an incredibly great price too. Top oatmeal crepes recipes and other great tasting recipes with a healthy slant from SparkRecipes.com. BEAN RECIPE FOR TODDLERS – EASY WHITE BEAN SOUP December 15, … Tags: toddler snacks. After adding an extra 1/2 cup milk these were truly delightful healthy crepes! flour, oat flour, crepes, vanilla extract, sea salt, plain greek yogurt and 12 more Vegan GF Crepes (Oil Free) Simple Vegan Blog frozen raspberries, almond butter, maple syrup, oat milk, maple syrup and 7 more If you’re into crepes, try this easy vanilla crepe recipe! They’re gluten free, there’s a vegan friendly option. You Might Also Like. Read more articles. Previous Post APPLE MUFFINS – EASY TODDLER SNACK. Honey is a great anti-oxidant but too much is not the best option either. This oatmeal crepes recipe is a delicious replacement for pancakes.

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