In a previous set of these I purchased, one of the threaded bushings was the wrong size-and side by side, you could barely tell. Easy installation. Musiclily Pro 3x3 Vintage Guitar Tuners Tuning Keys Pegs Machine Heads for Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar,Nickel with Keystone Button. The tuning heads fit perfect on my old Yamaha FG 365s. I have a 2018 Epiphone Les Paul Pro that came with Grover non-locking tuners. At the very least you'll have mis-matched screw holes on the back side. Thank you for Sam Dowty for the good advice and great customer service. I still had to re-tone to much. Installed this during a conference call in 45 minutes. FYI, I bought a set of these based on a review above that they fit an Oscar Schmidt OE20. I am glad I purchased these items from my "Go To" music supplier Sweetwater. What am I missing here? I have these on a Les Paul and they're great. I've changed strings well over 100 times in my life I'm sure, but these POS are even more of a headache that Gibson's brilliant idea of the Min-E-Tune system....not. But the tension on each tuner varies significantly (and not according to string gauges), giving them a less than reassuring feeling. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! Drop in replacement. It would tune after 3 to 4 try's it would then stay in tune for three songs then go out with every brand string tried. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Excellent tuners but they do not fit my OE20. Installation was very easy. The only problem with them was the holes were slightly off even though the Epi had Grover tuners stock. I am very happy with this purchase. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. These have the same footprint as the factory installed Grovers, so replacing them took less than 10 minutes and required no mods to the guitar. Needed to replace my Les Paul Auto tuners and used the Grover Roto-Grips - Great Tuners, just what I needed ! I do recommend a little spot of Nut Sauce on all contact points, though. Grover, Hipshot, Gotoh, and Graph Tech has a tons of options that are ideal upgrades if your Les Paul has the die-cast stock tuners. And they certainly make changing strings on a Bigsby easier. 4.0 out of 5 stars 44.   Pasted as rich text. You put the string through the hole, tighten the Roto Grip then stretch and tune. 64. A set of these and you can dive bomb, etc. No more worrying about too many wraps, excessive stretching, etc. My Martin GPC-28 blew a tune for some reason. Paste as plain text instead, × Me, I'm about to drop a Red Monkey on mine tonight, just got to get up to Nashville and pick it up. Larry R at Sweetwater provides top notch customer service. Clear editor. Rarely I get happy about a purchase, but these deserve the review. Certainly not the promised "precision" of their 18:1 ratio. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I replaced mine with the Grover gold self locking 18:1 Rotomatics. This is in a brand-new Les Paul. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. These popped right in no fuss. Bought these to upgrade the stock tuners on my Gibson Les Paul that weren't staying in tune very well. To me this was a no brainer! By … Unless I break one, I'll just leave them on the guitars. The Grover 502c's dropped right in, and the screwholes even lined up. Oh and on a side note, the micro-tune bridges, would gibson have those or would I have to check Stew Mac for that also? Set and forget. As good as you are gonna get with tuners. Since I don't play with alternate tunings and the manual adjustment on those tuners just feels weird I swapped out with some Grovers. They are a direct fit on my 2019 Gibson Les Paul Classic Lite. Now on another side note, what strap do you guys use on your Les Paul? I can't believe I'm just learning about these now. I have 3 Schecter c1 classics, 2 came with the regular grovers and one came with Schecter locking tuners. It so easy and fast to change the strings and they stay in tune. Well worth the investment. Required a little bit of drilling (took it to a pro, of course), but a rad upgrade imho. , I bought some Grover Deluxe replacements off Stew Mack and they fit perfectly. Definitely a bit better than the stock grovers that i did have on, but nothing ground breaking. I don't know if these fit all Les Paul's but they are a direct fit for an Epiphone Limited Edition Traditional II Les Paul and an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. Locking tuners were easy to install (one at a time to avoid bridge movement) and now I seldom have to re-tune. Other than needing to drill a hole for the single screw (the GForce doesn't use any screws but has a backplate) it was a simple drop in replacement. I put these on my Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. I don't know if things are different today, but I put Grovers on my LP in about 1978, and I had to drill the holes out a bit. And although I know that locking tuners aren't intended to provide Floyd Rose-level tuning stability, you would expect $75 Grovers to be rock-solid. Great tuning stability. Totally worth it! They make changing strings a snap, and it stays in tune wonderfully well. I have never installed new tuners on any of my guitars. My hope was that these would be a drop in replacement for the epiphone Joe Bonamassa 355. Drop-in for 2019 LP Studio. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Nothing wrong with Grover's I have them on my 82 Les Paul cause the original Gibson Tulip tuners were similar to Grover's so I was an easy switch. I put a set on another to replace the original grovers and the same thing happened. I have Grovers on my all my guitars, AJ220 Epi, Dana Orangewood, 120h Yahama. I bought an LP Tribute that has these Grover's, and after 20 minutes trying to change strings ( I normally do simply in 5 minutes) I've broken 2 strings locking them in. Yeah if there is conversion kits for it.

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