You can edit your question or post anyway. Thanks for a great product that does what it says. I even tried to burn sugar like in the add just because I wanted to try it, and it came right off in a few swipes of some soap and water, no scrubbing. I really like this cookware. Quality non-stick cookware that offers even heat on the surface. These products are made with a combination of strong titanium paired with the non-stick ceramic coating delivering uncompromising efficiency. The largest pan of the set has a capacity for cooking 5 quarts of food, which will help you to cook a large amount of food at the same time. First couple of uses were great. The eggs really do slide out with no problem, the pan sears meat wonderfully, it truly is super easy to clean, and no scratching -at least not yet! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Gotham Steel 10-Piece Nonstick Frying Pan and Cookware Set - Graphite at Thanks to the Ti-Cerama surface featured in these products, they can be used for cooking without oil, butter or any kind of grease, while non-scratch surface will allow you to use metal utensils on it when mixing ingredients of your choice. The pans are great, very good quality and after a year they haven't warped or anything a cheap pan does. Copper certainly has some great conductive properties on its own, but craftsmanship does count for something. I would never recommend this product . It’s a somewhat better conductor than stainless steel and works fine with acidic foods, but it is much less durable, prone to discoloration and has a relatively low tolerance for high temperatures. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Food flavor is not altered when cooking tomato-based or any acidic food products thanks to the ceramic component! I was better off with traditional Teflon coated non stick pans whose coating lasted at least a couple years before wearing out. I certainly am. If I could return them I would and wouldn’t recommend purchasing. The pans and pots are still easy to clean, but I'm not 100% satisfied with the "no scratches" guarantee. Just fill up a small spray bottle with white vinegar and mix in some table salt until it is completely dissolved. Everything sticks !!. I did not receive the hammered. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Blue Diamond Ceramic is a more popular cookware set, based on its 1,000+ reviews. The even heat distribution of copper makes it relatively non-stick, but you’ll typically find copper cookware coated with another substance. It heats up both quickly and evenly, but that also means it doesn’t retain heat and cools off quickly.”. This mercurial property makes it particularly well-suited to sauces, sugary substances, veggies or delicate proteins, allowing a nimble cook to control their temperature on the fly. The non stick feature works wonderfully though! DWYM is your trusted product review source. I do feel it's a bit deceptive to call it "Steel" because the items them selves are made from Aluminum and coated in steel and ceramic. That’s thin enough to allow it to heat up evenly without slowing down its conductivity. Even with the decades of use, any of the Gotham steel pan reviews provides you the same attractive, shiny, and functional Pan in your kitchen. I thought that my husband had done something like overheated it or something (sorry hunny), and I figured it was just a one-off. I heard a weird noise in there, and opened it up to find glass all throughout my dishwasher! Julie Chernoff is a long-time member of Les Dames d’Escoffier (past president of the Chicago Chapter, and current co-chair of the LDEI Legacy Awards Committee), the Association of Food Journalists (AFJ) and the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

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