(I see the point of information, but that’s what made decks like Suicide Zoo a bit less all in, and make them “think” a bit about decisionmaking). Probe is obviously broken by design, sure, but I still think it’s unfair that Temur Delver, UR Delver, UR Prowess, UR Storm, Jeskai Thing-Ascension and many other low tier/fringe decks were inflicted collateral damage by this ban, when they could easily have banned more specific cards from Death’s Shadow Zoo and UG Infect if they wanted to bring those specific decks down a notch. I’m very happy that they made this move anyway. Latest. The spirit of Mirrodin will fight on." The main point of the deck is casting "free" spells to buff up Nivmagus Elemental. Its not acceptable for just any combo deck. And I think the upshot is we will definitely see those decks slow down (yes, including Infect). There are some very valid points both for and against it. It also illustrates one of the less acknowledged principles of the turn four rule as applied by Wizards in banning decisions. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. This is why we can unban more things.” The fact that there were zero accompanying unbans does not inspire confidence for the future of Modern B&R announcements either. I wouldn’t read too much into this, as it doesn’t explicitly state anything suggesting that they care about the strength of spell-based combo, just that this reasoning doesn’t demonstrate that it was the target. Sign In Sign Up 0. But only if you can afford to pay the life/mana. Infect will live on. I’ll look at both bannings in terms of the logic that led to them, and the metagame impacts we can expect as a result. Gitaxian Probe. Commander Legends. When Preordain and Ponder were banned, it definitely hurt Delver strategies, but I accept that they aren’t healthy for the format. [Modern][Discussion] Gitaxian Probe vs. Inquisition of Kozilek in Grixis Delver Modern With the young Pyromancer build of Grixis Delver recently rising in success in Paper , i would like to discuss the benefits of Gitaxian Probe vs Inquisition of Kozilek. That’s a positive for players who advocate the more interactive and reactive decks. Draw a card. The relevant subtext is that things don’t have to get Eldrazi bad even in the post-Modern Pro Tour environment for the ban-hammer to swing. Why would they target gitaxian, if the approach is reducing those kills? Though as a wounded and salty Temur Delver player, I have to wonder if you’d to remain that positive towards the Gitaxian Probe ban if your particular Delver variant relied on it. Glad Wizards is taking risks and paying close attention to the format. To be fair, I enjoyed Modern prior to this announcement, much unlike Miracles Legacy, though I’m very happy that action was taken. TCGPlayer 704.94 - 723.54 . Pro Tip! Altho if that was the planned article, maybe they could have mentioned there would be a deeper dive into them on Friday. Quick update: Out of curiosity, I did some digging to see the decks that have performed and ran, Modern Dredge, The Spookiest you can get in Modern. I feel as most people do: the card adds a lot of value in combo decks & decks that need to dig. Same. Look at target player's hand. You could make a case for Prized Amalgam as well, though ultimately what it comes down to is that a Golgari Grave-Troll deck will rarely fall in line with the play experience Modern is intended to offer. Information is power. In the banning announcement Wizards very explicitly called out Probe’s information-giving ability. If Grixis, Jeskai, Jund, or some other interactive deck can successfully delay the kill—whether through bluffing or punishing a mistake—that’s acceptable in Wizards’ eyes. Gitaxian Probe from New Phyrexia for . A number of Modern decks with varied threats have been taking advantage of Mutagenic Growth. This card was very polarizing. Though as I mentioned above, Infect will still be plenty powerful, and will stop Tron from taking the format over entirely. The hit to consistency going down from dredge 6 to dredge 4 will be felt, however, and you can expect the deck to decline in popularity. Gitaxian Probe was a good card for this purpose as it could also be used effectively by itself. Amonkhet releases on 4/28, so there will be 5 weeks after the PT, then an announcement, then about 6 weeks of the new meta before the new set arrives. I could either interpret this as you saying you wish they unbanned more things because they have decided they can ban them again if they’re a problem or you’re saying down the road you don’t want them to do that and that this is bad precedent.

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