However, I’m not convinced retail units are going to allow undervolting, based on other reviews and the whole plundervolt situation. I for one can’t vouch for OLED’s reliability with my own money, and would rather prefer either the FHD IPS panel options on an all-rounder with gaming abilities, or the UHD IPS panel with 100% AdobeRGB coverage as the professional option. You can further adjust the fans’ behavior in the Deep Control panel of the Fan Control tab in the Aorus Control Center, and force them to spin faster. It’s a good computer. However, for the most part, the AI Azure setting does a good squeezing solid performance out of the hardware inside this portable chassis, and while further tweaking is possible, such as raising the CPU’s TDP limit or overclocking the GPU, the results only end up at best within 2-5% of this stock Azure AI setting, and sometimes even worse, so I feel this sort of tweaking isn’t necessarily worth the effort here. I’m not a big fan of having a finger sensor integrated withing the clickpad, though, as moving your finger over that area will interrupt your cursor and gestures, so you need to learn to completely ignore this part in the top left corner with daily use. On most fronts, it’s a good workstation with minor flaws. I’ll admit that I sometimes had trouble focusing on work when a miniature disco was occurring under my fingers. Furthermore, the AI software they keep touting as a differentiation actually does a good job juggling with the power and fan settings here. Before we proceed, keep in mind that our review unit is a test-model sent over by Gigabyte, running on the software available as of Mid-June 2020 (BIOS F004, Aorus Control Panel, GeForce Game Ready 446.14 drivers). Five and a half hours is comparable to other gaming rigs like the Blade 15. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t seem to affect the GPU aside from opting between 80 and 90W limits in some titles. It looks nothing like any laptop that comes to mind when I think of “creators” (the slim and sleek MacBook Pros, XPS 15s, Surface Books, and Zenbooks of the world). That’s not an unreasonable price for this machine — it’s only $100 more expensive than the MSRP of the Razer Blade 15 with the same GPU and processor. Just make sure you’ve looked into the cheaper alternatives that can probably give you most of what you want. It’s mounted right below the screen and angled upward. Colors can move back and forth across the keyboard or cascade up and down, ripples can roll outward each time you press a key, rainbow colors can snake up and down each row. But if you’re not a content creator, it is worth considering whether you really need to combine an OLED screen with those specs. Most of my complaints about the Aero 15 have been fairly nit-picky so far. But there’s one thing that’s actually quite a bummer, and that’s the placement of the 720p webcam. Finally, on battery and the AI Performance Mode, the CPU power is limited at 25+W, with the fans at about 37-38 dB. Gigabyte says it’s working on this problem. At the same time, though, the Aero’s front lip and corners are still sharp and aggressive on the wrists, and I wish they would have done something about that. Yeah, it would seem that NoteBookCheck detected 60Hz PWM at <80% for this laptop. Our test model is the mid-tier 8Core i7 + RTX 2070 Super configuration, with the vivid 4K OLED screen, which make for a competent work (and occasional play) notebook. Oddly enough, I actually personally use mine at 80-100% brightness the vast majority of the time. *Gaming – Ai Azure + Max Fans – playing Far Cry 5 for 30 minutes, Ai Azure profile, fans at 54-55 dB. Just to share my personal experience. Price and availability. After spending some time with the beefier Aorus 17 and knowing that Gigabyte have redesigned the compact Aero model for this year, I was looking forward to getting my hands on this one as well, and document how it compares to the quirky 2019 model and the other 2020 laptops in its niche.

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