If so loosen the chain adjuster until it is no longer jammed against the bolt, run the … The garage door opener limit switch tells the motor that lifts and lowers the garage door when to stop running. Once it "topped out", the opener stuck there. Look at it closely I'll bet it is jammed against the 5/16 bolt, just in front of the motor unit. Was programed and working fine before today. The garage door opener trolley should stop in the fully open position at minimum 1 inch from the stop bolt on the opener rail. I don't see any way to adjust the roller position. My garage door sticks on the way down, apparently when the bottom roller meets a bolt in the track (see photo). Stop Bolt. Suggestions? Trolley on garage door opener hits stop bolt and clicks 10 times. A shot of garage door lube on the bolt head helps it close for the first couple of times. After that I need to give it a little tug. Tried to reset opening travel distance but it … read more is it all the way in the up/ open position. The Solutions. If so, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to reengage the trolley. In a typical situation, the motor for your garage door opener should stop running once the door has closed. The opener should not close to the point where the opener rail flexes up, as this can cause My 10yr old house has a sectional aluminum door and a 1/2hp Craftsman garage door opener. Typically this is caused by a mis-adjustment. ... the cover protection bolt and the trolley. Recently it opened all the way until the trolley hit the bolt that stops it from going any further. It is a Craftsman 3/4hp model #139.53918D. The proper fully closed position is when the seal on the bottom of the garage door is resting on the floor. If your garage door hums for a few seconds without moving, the trolley may be disengaged. The garage door opener motor will hum when attempting to open or close the door but is unable to travel due to being lodged against the bolt/tab. Common culprits of a stuck trolley are stop bolts and stop … Not the garage door, the opener trolley. If you find that it keeps running, this can present a problem in your system. When I disconnected the door, it seemed to open and close by hand smoothly. The problem starts when you hit the button to close it and the door starts to close.... but seems to be unable to close all the way. If the trolley is engaged, but the door still isn’t operating, then the trolley may be stuck. To remove the trolley from the stop bolt, follow the steps below: First visually verify that the trolley is against the stop bolt.

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